Monday, September 27, 2021
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Is KVC wisdom questionable?

Uganda president has said that ‘God has a lot of works, he has the whole world to look after. He cannot just be here in Uganda looking after idiots”. Likewise KVC cannot just waste its time at this crucial period countering irrelevant statements who acquire knowledge only from the classroom.
However, I have been observing relentless attacks on Kohima Village Council by some unsurplus tribal apex body/individuals intentionally misinterpreting KVC press statement, ever since their representation submitted to the hon’ble Chief Minister on the 25th May 2020.
The Kohima Village Council has maintained a steric silence maintaining their stance up till today. As a citizen of Kohima village, I believe that no wrong has been committed by the council in their demand and therefore I have been compelled to put my observation in public domain for better understanding amongst the brothers and sisters living together in this cosmopolitan town.
1. KVC is fully aware that all the returnees are not residents of the state capital. Consequently, the concern raise by KVC on the implication of increased risk of spread of the virus to residents of Kohima, clearly indicates and includes all irrespective of tribe or community. It is to be understood that out of the total population of Kohima, Kohima village comprises of hardly 10%. Is this for the safety for our people alone?
2. Today many with tribal tone are up against KVC but the worst is yet to come. Very soon our frontline worker will be over burden not knowing whether to attend returnees quarantine center or to treat COVID-19 patients in the hospital. Under this prevailing situation, a time may come that a doctor may take a decision for whom to live and who to die.
3. Be it Medical College, Kohima or any other hospital a patient is not admitted on the basis of colour, tribe or community. Therefore, let us not make a non issue into an issue. Unlike any other state capital, Kohima is also more develop and advance than any other district headquarters. So also Delhi the capital of the country is more develop than the rest of the state capitals. Therefore, it’s a blunder to equate state capital with the district headquarter in terms of development.
4. Kohima became the state capital of Nagaland neither by demand nor by choice of Kohima village but by virtue of being the British headquarter. To shift or not to shift is not our concern for we live by land and not by state capital.
5. Branding us as landlord of the state capital but in fact there are many more landlord than us from other district. Literally speaking there is not even an inch of land which is no-man’s land. Therefore, wherever the state capital maybe, landlords and landowner are bound to exist.
6. Do other states in India also quarantine the returnees’/migrant only in their state capital? If so, Kohima cannot be an exception. If at all quarantine is solely to be conducted in Kohima only why setup quarantine center at each district headquarter.
7. KVC is not as narrow and fragile as you opine. Its main concept is that all citizen of the state capital lives under a peaceful atmosphere. It is to be noted that ever since from the time of British rule till date it has not serve any quit notice to any individual or tribe. Rather, we have refused to comply and nullify 3 (three) quit notice which has been served to some certain tribes.
8. Kohima villagers are neither publicity mongers nor Pharisees. Therefore, it will be good on the part of all those writer to approach the government particularly the district administration and enquire whether KVC and KVYO render any help to the government at this hour of distress or not in terms of physical, material, financial, etc.
9. It is imperative to know that not even one quarantine center falls within urban area. All quarantine center are in rural area which is well within the jurisdiction of the village. thus endangering the lives of people tending their fields.
10. Keeping in mind the interest and welfare of the citizen of Kohima. if any lapses on the part of the government, Kohima village will not hesitate to raise its voice come what may.
11. Over the years many Naga youngsters are of the view that Kohima village is manipulative and hostile towards the Naga people. In this regard it will be most appropriate to retrospect how your educated pioneers and missionaries were treated by the village 100 years ago when hotels and rental house were not in existence. However, this stigma will not prevent us from spelling out the truth which has been handed over to us by our forefathers.
Lastly as a human being we have our own limit of patience. Therefore, never ever expect us to behave like “the charge of the light brigade”.
Neivor Rutsa
Kohima Village

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