Friday, May 24, 2024
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Is it wrong to cast aspersion on the integrity of the EVMs ?

Dear Madam,
By comparing the election manifesto of Congress with the Muslim League, great service has been rendered to the electorate of India who were ignorant of the basic policies of the latter party which is accused of playing a major role behind the Partition of the subcontinent!
It is nice to know that promise of delivering economic and socio-political justice to every section of the society including farmers youth labourers women health-workers, assuring health insurance to all along with equal treatment of the countrymen through promotion of diversity and sharing of resources formed the core principles of the Muslim League! If the accusation is indeed true; then along with all parties, BJP should also draw inspiration from the alleged manifesto of Muslim League to uplift the downtrodden and create an egalitarian society through provisions of such welfare measures!
Lastly, it has been declared that for the first time the country is witnessing such an election where the Opposition is not claiming victory! Now the question arises how can any party or coalition confidently arrive at the conclusion that they are certainly emerging victorious even before the first vote gets cast, leave alone final counting of results which is still almost 2 months away! Isn’t it a wonder how can BJP/NDA afford to claim victory so months beforehand! In this atrocious perspective, is it entirely wrong to cast aspersion on the integrity of the EVMs as being done by almost all Opposition parties!
Kajal Chatterjee, Kolkata