Is it right for Govt to call those opposing CAA as ‘Anti-Naga’, asks Zeliang

Is it right for Govt to call those opposing CAA  as ‘Anti-Naga’, asks Zeliang

Kohima, February 14: Opposition leader TR Zeliang today brought to the attention of the Leader of the House that in the Debate on Motion of Thanks to the Governor’s address, Opposition members have raised many pertinent points however satisfactory answers were not provided in the Governments reply, particularly on the issue of CAA 2019.
Instead, Zeliang alleged that the Leader of the House called the people who oppose the stand of the present dispensation vis-à-vis the CAA, ‘Anti-Naga’ and questioned if this was the right approach of the Leader of the House and the Government in handling sensitive issues by calling the people who oppose the Government policies and programs as Anti-Naga?
On the Chief Minister seeking an alternative from opposition on its claim that BEFR and 371(A) cannot protect the Nagas, Zeliang said like the Government in Kerala and West Bengal “we should have rejected the Act and boldly spoken out against it as we know the implications of the Act in the long run.”
Participating in the debate on the Budget 2020-2021 in the Assembly on Friday, Zeliang also reminded that he did not say “we should be exempted from the Act under the strength of BEFR or any other such regulations” but rather that the states of Northeast India be protected as the region is vulnerable to the threat of illegal immigrants. He reiterated that if the state of Assam is protected, all of North East would be protected.
The Opposition leader further noted that there is no mention of Register of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland (RIIN) in the budget speech. “This Government committed that they are according priority to distinguish between the indigenous and non-indigenous Nagas, so as to protect the Nagas. However, the failure to mention the status and the policies in this regard is most disheartening,” he said.
He also pointed out that there is no mention of the implementation of ILP in Dimapur in the budget speech of Rio. There is confusion and the manner in which the Government is implementing it, is becoming a horrendous exercise, he said.
‘Rs 573.17 cr deficit in 1 year’
Zeliang also expressed disbelief at the Rs 573.17 crores added t the total State deficit in a year’s time by the PDA Government.
“One is made to wonder as to how Rs 573 crores can be added to the State deficit at such short duration,” he said.
Zeliang said a simple glance at the enormous deficit of the State and the abnormal jump of the deficit figure when compared to last year as presented on Thursday by the Chief Minister make one to wonder as to how the Government managed to bring about so much deficit in a year’s time.
In the budget of 2019-20, the opening negative balance of the State was 1661.68 crores and now in this budget, the figure of negative balance is Rs 2234.85 crores, which means, in a span of one year, a total of Rs 573.17 crores has been added to the deficit, he said, while observing that for a small State like Nagaland, to incur such astronomical figures in the deficit within a span of a year would be disastrous and lead to a total breakdown of the State financial position.
With very few avenues to generate revenue, the State cannot afford to bear such huge amount of deficit, he stated.
On the budget, Zeliang said other than the tax on heavy machineries and the hike in petroleum products, whose result “we would know when it is implemented, there is basically nothing in this whole speech which we can be happy and proud off.”
“Just as last year’s or the year before, the budget speech is focused more on the entertainment,” he said.
Zeliang lamented the inability of the State Government to convince the Fifteenth Finance Commission during their visit to the State has led to no mention of any commitments by the Commission to help the poor financial position of the State.
Nagaland House Kolkata
Meanwhile, Zeliang appreciated the Government and the advocate general of the State for the favorable order of the High Court with regards to Nagaland House Kolkata.
“We have thoroughly debated this issue and finally it is bearing fruit,” he said while revealing that on November 27, 2019 the Court has delivered an interim order which states that the order dated May 2018 will not prevent the defendant/respondent from affecting the plaintiff petition from the suit in accordance with law.
He cautioned the Government saying “if we sleep over the order, the petitioners may fight over again in higher court and we may be defeated.”
He suggested that with the help of Joint Parliamentary Committee head by Advisor K T Sukhalu and Home Minister the Government should frame eviction order against Civil Engineers Enterprise Pvt Ltd (M/s Ghosal & Co).
Given the interim order of the High Court, the State should now stop accepting the Rs 7 Lakhs per month which the tenants pay to the Government of Nagaland but stick to the current market rate, which is Rs 2.2 crores per month, he said. (Page News Service)