Thursday, June 24, 2021
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Is a climax even necessary?

News about community transmission is in the air, breezing in cold vibes of uncertainty among residents. I am certainly not without remorse when I say this, but was the needle already present in the haystack, all the while….? Highly probable, as no attempt was ever made to trace likely presence amidst. For that matter, community tracing was never tabled for an agenda, knowing very well that we do not boast of adequate facility to conduct random swab test.
When hell broke loose, somewhere came about a hideous escapology tactics of few individuals’, mostly the affluent literate (fewer lot with better IQ than most). In retrieving their loved ones from designated quarantine centres or in getting them home directly, there was probably never a second thought or the slightest of inhibition? To such, ‘a single death is a tragedy; a million deaths a statistic’. General public/community played out for statistics.
Accolades for frontline workers have come from every nook and corner and in innumerable measure. And why shouldn’t it be? After all, without them, our defense mechanisms are porous and every bit of respect due to them, deservingly earned. But somewhere down the line are traces of ambiguity…! Unlike few countries, even at this point in time, we remain without protocols for our frontline workers and discretion of mobility liberally given to them. Unfortunately the faith reposed, has not been taken in the right spirit, at least by few, and all liberty utilized to the fullest; whilst realizing that chances of transmissions is more prone from them. This taking into consideration their constant exposure/contact with those with the ailment and also those in quarantine centres.
We are privy to many heart-rending revelations of frontline workers, especially doctors, having to work countless hours under trying conditions. Besides, their battles with emotions, in being bereft of establishing physical connect with their loved ones. For few, it may have been from D Day itself. Giving and receiving affection, however, may not necessarily account for directives/protocols alone. In most case, with a sense of responsibility so as not to pose risk to family members and to others too. In Nagaland, however, these fewer lot with better IQ than most, has become a cause of concern with few cases of transmission attributing to them. One should realize that one is playing a perfect bait. In fact, the idea of exposing themselves on daily basis and geotagging their presence everywhere is as irresponsible and as serious a gamble to take. The issue here is not just about the need for safety of loved ones but across the board…..
Apparently, if we try and reason, the commotion in the management of returnees only played out, as early or late as, in the month of April. Herein, we have somewhat erred in negating likelihood of a positive case, pre-lockdown. Not all was hunky-dory before checks and balance were put in place, and many returnees had already set foot back in, much before and still at the fringe of the lockdown. Cognizant of the time leverage we had, to plan and to prepare, for what has unfortunately become an onslaught; our state could have done much better and even more. Sadly, all was well until news of the first case broke.
While the infiltration of a virus with a pandemic nature was inevitable, community transmission can still be arrested with viable and stringent plan and accordingly its execution. It’s not about which state is doing better and every state are putting in their best foot forward, amid resolve, to contain community transmission. But, even as a grim situation presents itself, it would be in our complacency and a care less attitude should community transmission get out of control. What remains to be seen is how tactfully are we going to deal with it, hence….?
Vincent Patton

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