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Is 25 years not enough?: NPAC Convenor

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Everything that is negotiated must be brought to the people

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 5: Convenor of Nagaland People’s Action Committee (NPAC), Therieh on Friday said that people have given complete mandate to the negotiators of Indo-Naga political issue on behalf of the people and at no point of time people came in the way of the negotiators.
“Is 25 years not enough?” he asked while talking to media persons after the public rally.
Further asking as to how many more years would be required to bring the solution to the Naga issue, the NPAC Convenor said this is people’s movement and nothing can be hidden.
He said everything that is negotiated must be brought to the people.
Stating that they are the stakeholders, he said, “We will take a call and what we have already said and given our mandate, that people will take it back in each people’s court and finalize. We have full confidence that mandate that we have given we believe that they have negotiated at the best. We are not questioning them, we are not aware of what is there on the negotiating table, yet we have confidence.”
He said Government of India has assured the Nagas again and again and negotiation is with two groups and ultimately, the Government of India will bring out a comprehensive common draft and before signing they would take people into confidence.
“We trust and believe GoI will not fail us and therefore, we say you must have political will to deliver what you have promised”, he added.
He further said, “If 25 years of negotiation cannot bring any solution, just wind it up and leave it to the people. We are the people. We are confident. We are comfortable. We will decide our own destiny and the people will decide where we will go from here. And that is why peace process must come to a logical conclusion. They cannot continue at the cost of people’s suffering.”
Replying to a query, Theja said at the moment GoI initiated the peace process, they have invited NSCN (IM), they have invited NNPGs for negotiations and the process was started by the Government of India.
“So unless GoI has many otherwise difficulties, we will press the GoI what they have started, they must conclude it. In the process, if solution cannot come because of any other lapses, people will take a call on them and definitely we will consult the people on this, definitely our negotiators cannot take our people for a ride”, he said.
Stating that it is a people’s movement, he said they would question all parties concerned to come out transparently, decisively and take the people on board.
“Nothing will happen without the people and people cannot be kept in dark anymore”, he said.
Replying to another query, he said in the Naga political issue, any political solution has to be inclusive.
Asked whether they want solution with or without sovereignty, Theja said Naga people started with sovereignty but the present negotiation has difficulty in that and they say that this would continue through a political democratic process. However he said at the moment Nagas need a solution, how to peacefully co-exist, based on contemporary realities.
“So this solution talks about the two entities coming together on contemporary realities and bring out a solution for peaceful co-existence between them. And if that is the case, the people are will to accept”, he added.
On a query of connecting Nagas of neighbouring States emotionally, he said integration requires Article 3 and 4 of the Indian Constitution, but at the moment if this exercise cannot take place, the one has to accept the present realities.
“We will continue to move but at the moment we have to see the contemporary realities and we just cannot keep it hanging for long because people are tired, weary and our generation cannot be taken for a ride”, he added.
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