Saturday, July 13, 2024

Irresponsible people

Our people today have some sort of level field to empower and educate ourselves. Sure it is a different story that political empowerment has not shaped the way people of this state are aspiring for long. But we are more educated and empowered than many decades back. However, after decades of all round education in almost all fields and experiencing winds of democracy, have we turned more ignorant than we were some half a century ago or premature and overexposure to democracy has made us arrogant? We break laws and violate rules with impunity; we have no regard for moral values and are lacking social responsibility. Materialism is creeping in our mindset like plague and we are losing the earlier much cherished touch of kindness and exceptional hospitality. Walk through any streets in the evening hours across Dimapur or Kohima, one will be greeted with trail of unique garbage and waste dumped on the roadside. Empty beer tins and liquor bottles with variety of plastic waste and leftover eatables gave a wretched look to our cities. Or go to a public park in these two cities. One will be greeted with liquor bottles and leftover eatables everywhere. Shamelessly, in violation of law some aberrant elements have resorted to boozing in public place and awful littering. It is another matter that our state is a declared ‘dry state’. Another unpleasant experience one usually comes across is drivers making u-turn on busy roads at peak traffic hour, creating a mess of an otherwise busy but smooth traffic movement. Such incidents of violating rules and lacking moral responsibility are not isolated case of degrading values in our society but most of the people in our state in one or the other way violate rules and showing very less regard for laws of the land. Traffic violations and littering are the two most noticeable facets of our degraded moral values and diminishing social responsibility. Littering and dumping garbage on every street and road is a common practice in almost all parts of the country but our people are callous while getting rid of their trash. Garbage and its unscientific and thoughtless disposal is not something new but the above mentioned situation speaks volumes about our insensitive attitude and our approach towards trash management. It depicts our lawlessness, moral degradation and lack of much required awareness about sanitation. Most often sanitation is considered directly related to the level of knowledge and awareness. However in our case most of the violations are either made or sponsored by the educated and so-called elite. A simple visit to most parts of Kohima either in the morning or evening will reveal the real picture of our garbage disposal. Most of the people get their household waste dumped on the pedestrian walk ways, or simply throw it on the roads, streets or in the lanes and by-lanes. As far our traffic sense and respect for traffic rules is concerned, it is almost nonexistent. At every crossing we heed very little to the signals of traffic regulating cops. Overtaking and lane jumping is routine and violators show no sign of regret while unlawful overtaking or jumping traffic lane. Taking a u-turn at busy intersections and blocking the left lane at major junctions is a regular practice with our drivers. Also with the 4-lane road from Dimapur to Chumukedima nearing completion, driving in the wrong lane has now become a regular sight. Use of cellular phones while driving and driving without helmets and safety seat belts is routine here. Most of the traffic jams within Dimapur and major junctions leading to the Dimapur town is more due to the negligence of drivers and very less because of traffic cops. Wrong parking; insensitive approach of auto drivers while choosing their stops and above all wrong parking by private car owners and bikers is the most menacing part of our traffic chaos. We can give some margin to public transport operators but the role of professionals, educationists, elite and other knowledgeable people who own most of the private cars and bikes is most unfortunate and speak volumes of our ignorance or abject arrogance. It shows lack of collective sense of responsibility!