Sunday, June 20, 2021
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IRCS Nagaland observes Red Cross Day by distributing mask and pamphlets on COVID-19

Red cross kohima

Kohima, May 8: The Indian Red Cross Society Kohima in collaboration with IRCS Nagaland State Branch today observed Red Cross Day by distributing mask and pamphlets on COVID-19 to the citizens in Kohima town.
The Red Cross volunteers distributed pamphlets which had information on Corona virus (COVID-19) saying “Coronavirus are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases. A novel corona virus is a new strain that has not been previously identified in human. This virus transmits rapidly from human to human”.
The pamphlets also contains information on the signs and symptoms of COVID-19, i.e. Cough, Fever, Shortness of breath etc, besides measures on how to prevent the virus and ‘Dos and Don’ts’.
IRCS Nagaland Branch did the distribution in the main town area while IRCS Kohima Branch reached people at High School and PHQ junctions.
Earlier, speaking at a brief function held at Old MLA junction here, Deputy Commissioner Kohima, Gregory Thejawelie Sote called upon the members of the Red Cross Society to render their best during this difficult time.
“We are already under lockdown for a long period and life is out of normalcy, while we are in a very difficult time,” he said, while asking all to help in the fight against COVID-19 in our own way.
The DC lauded the Red Cross Society for distributing mask and also sensitizing the people on the importance of hand wash, wearing mask and other hygienic practices.
General Secretary of IRCS Nagaland State Branch, Dr Neiphi Kire said IRCS Nagaland has started an effort to address the corona virus pandemic in the state.
“We all know that COVID-19 has taken the world by storm and suddenly we found ourselves in this pandemic with more than 57,000 and almost 2000 mortality even in India,” he said.
The challenge before the Red Cross is so huge and demanding, he said while expressing happiness that the members of Red Cross has come forward, to create some kind of awareness programme.
Maintaining that with no vaccine for the virus, developed and developing countries like America, China, Russia with the latest technology are not able to control it, he said Nagaland does not have proper treatment facilities and therefore “we come back to a basic strategy of combating this pandemic with simple behavioral changes and improving the societal norms and discipline ourselves in maintaining social distancing, using mask, hand sanitisers and practicing regular hand-washing.
“This are very simple which we have to educate our people to practice in our daily lives, no we have to redefine what is the new normal in the post COVID era,” Dr Kire said.
After the lockdown, Dr Kire opined that many changes has to be made our way of living.
“We Nagas always want to do things in a hurry and rush, but we have to learn to practice the queue system, and be aware that social distancing is important for us to prevent ourselves and keep ourselves safe,” he said while stressing on the need to inculcate these habits. (Page News Service)