IPPI second round conducted in State

IPPI second round conducted in State
Pulse Polio at Kohima on Sunday

Dimapur, March 11: Along with the rest of the country, the second round of Intensified Pulse Polio Immunization (IPPI) was conducted across the State on Sunday.
CMO Kohima, Dr Ritu Thurr stated that IPPI has been a regular activity with a goal to eradicate polio in the country.
India is free from polio since 2011 and the disease has been eradicated. However, he cautioned that India remains at high risk till the whole world is free of wild polio virus. The country would be free from polio with collective support from the citizen.
In Kohima District, as population is 270063, a target of 37808 children of five years and below are to avail polio drops. Four mobile polio teams on IPPI will be visiting transit points especially bus stations and taxi stands in the district for the next two days (March 12&13) as house to house visit.
Dimapur: Along with the rest of the country, the 2nd Round of Intensive Pulse Polio Immunization (Polio) Sunday was carried today in Dimapur District. 517 booths across the district were set up to administer two drop polio of to children between the ages of 0-5 years.
House to house polio vaccination will also be carried out the rest of the week to immunize children who were missed today.
During the first round of IPPI 2018 held in January, Dimapur District achieved 102% coverage.
Although in India, the last case of polio was recorded in 2011 and the country being declared polio-free since 2014, the Government of India continues to launch polio programme to ensure polio eradication from the country and India continues to maintain a strict polio surveillance system.
Dr K Vikato Kinimi, Chief Medical Officer, Dimapur and Dr Rebecca, District Immunization Officer, RCH/UIP, has meanwhile thanked all the medical staff and volunteers for their support. They especially expressed gratitude to the volunteers; Anganwadi workers, Lion’s Club Dimapur, Rotary Club Dimapur, 165 Military Rangapahar, CRPF, 32 Assam Rifle, and other individual volunteers for the constant cooperation and contribution towards sustaining polio eradication from the district.
Tuensang: Tuensang District Health Society (TDHS) conducted the second round of IPPI in all eight blocks of the District to cover up over 27,553 estimated children below five years.
In Tuensang, Dr Thungchanpeni Patton DIP (RCH&UIP) administered the first polio drops in Chaba School booth centre. The department mobilised 1,250 vaccinators with 50 supervisors. It also organised 247 polio booths centre in the district.
MCD Dimapur: The Muslim Council Dimapur administered polio drops at New Market, Dimapur during the second phase of Intensive Pulse Polio Immunization 2018 on Sunday.
Leo Club Dimapur: The Leo Club of Dimapur also administered polio drops to children during the second phase of Intensive Pulse Polio Immunization at Plaza Point under the chairmanship of Leo Ankit Paharia. (Page News Service)