Sunday, October 25, 2020
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IPDS will solve Dimapur’s Power problems, DoP assures

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DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 2: The State Power Department is under tremendous pressure from the public due to frequent power cuts and fluctuations. But going by the Department’s assurances, the consumers will rest easy once the Integrated Power Development Scheme is completed.
Power Department, Dimapur Division, is channelizing all its efforts and resources to complete the Centre’s Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS) in Dimapur. Once it is completed, the Department is optimistic that Nagaland will be free from power related issues.
Nagaland Page had earlier reported the issue of frequent load-shedding and power cuts in Dimapur.
The IPDS aims to revamp the existing electricity distribution system, a project which has been accorded priority for the commercial capital. The IPDS will entail installing new transformers and upgrading the overloaded ones, replacing the old poles and metering, fully fledged renovation of 2 major sub-stations and strengthening of 11Kv distribution lines.
Since the commissioning of the IPDS in Dimapur, Power Department officials have been indefatigably working along with the assigned contractors for early completion but due to the delay on the part of the contractors the scheme had not been completed yet.
An official of the Power Department optimistically remarked that once the work is fully completed Dimapur will have uninterrupted power supply.
Speaking to Nagaland Page, Advisor, Power, Tovihoto Ayemi, said that the Department and the contractors have been duly trying to complete the implementation of IPDS in Dimapur and as of now almost 90% technical works have been completed. He assured that the project would be completed soon. The Department is working round the clock with the assigned contractors of the IPDS on a war-footing.
“We are on the verge of completing the IPDS. And once completed, we will be able to give better electricity service to the people. Along with Department staff, I have been constantly monitoring the process of the work,” Tovihoto assured.
Tovihoto has admitted the delay in the implementation of the project but assured that there has been no lax on the part of the Department.
Meanwhile, Sub-Divisional Officer (Electrical Sub Division 1) Oren Ovung told Nagaland Page that due to the lockdown since March, the construction firm has not been able to complete the remaining 10% work because of lack of manpower.