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‘Introspect role as educators’: KT Sukhalu tells Teachers

2021 State Level Teachers Awardees

KOHIMA, SEPTEMBER 5: “Teachers are already playing a crucial role in shaping the nature of the debate in a democratic country twenty years from now”, stated the Advisor & MLA School Education, KT Sukhalu, at the State Level Teacher’s Day Celebration at the Directorate of School Education, Kohima, on September 5.

Stressing on the invaluable role that teachers have in the character development of a student and considering the fact that the students of today will go on to become tomorrow’s leader, Sukhalu encouraged all teachers to introspect their role as educators in a society because the Government may draft policies and set guidelines but it is the teacher who lays the foundation in the shaping the future of the country and the people.
“If we want a better future for our children and our grandchildren, we must start by improving ourselves”, he said.
Pointing out that education is an ever-changing and evolving entity, he reminded that teachers that it is their duty to ensure that one is up-to-date with the latest methodology in teaching in order to ensure that one can teach efficiently to students under their care.
Sukhalu also said that as the society is becoming more inclusive as it progresses, people who could not have dreamt of an education 10 years ago in the State can now attend school, especially children with disabilities and in need of special needs. “In this regard I encourage the teachers to embrace such change because an inclusive education system can create an inclusive society”, he said.
With the coming of the National Education Policy 2020, more change is coming into the system and we need to embrace the changes to inform and improve the education sector, he said. The foundational literacy and literacy programme under the NEP 2020 must be given due importance and primary education must provide a strong grasp of the basics so that the student does not struggle in higher classes, he added.

He also urged all teachers to participate in the capacity-building programme under the national initiative for school Heads and teachers. “All teachers must register and upgrade their skills to take the teaching profession to a higher level. Continuous professional development of teachers is an extremely important element of the school education ecosystem”, he stated.
Sharing his observation on the academic performance of students from Class 7-12, Sukhalu maintained that while the outstanding performance calls for celebration there is the question as to whether the students are being truly educated or are the students resorting to rote learning for such outcomes. This question stems from the fact that not many Naga students come out successful in the UPSC exams.
“Also, when it comes to NPSC and departmental exams, I question the young people”, Sukahlu said. He said that “there could be some anomalies in the selection system or there could be something wrong.” But why are there many of these well-qualified students not eligible?
Sukhalu blames Soothsayers for inability of the State in combating COVID-19
In his address on Sunday, Sukhalu also took the opportunity to talk about the response of the people when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccination drive by the Government.

People have gone to court against the vaccination drive carried out by the Government. Many members of the society, especially the educated people create such confusion in the social media by creating so much doubt and that is where we are having difficulty in our State in overcoming this pandemic.
While admitting that vaccination does not mean that one is fully protected from the virus, Sukhalu maintained that it will give us a fighting chance.
“While all the world leaders and key figures have all been vaccinated, if what the soothsayers and the people creating confusion in the society are true then I hope that people like them would lead the people in the new generation, he said in a sarcastic tone. People like them would be able to guide the State… People like them should teach the students”, he added.
DoSE to award Rs 20,000 each to 5 needy teachers
DoSE also announced that it will award Rs.20,000 each to 5 needy teachers, which will be handed to the teachers through the District Education Officers.

Also speaking at the programme, Special Secretary to the Department, Kevileno Angami stressed on the immense responsibility that a teacher has to shoulder on top of their personal lives. She said that teachers are the backbone of a society; they recognize the potential of their students and steer them in the direction to become the agents of change and toward becoming responsible citizens.
Educators not only play a crucial role in imparting education and knowledge to our children but they also teach them moral and ethical values, she added.
A total of 34 teachers, both from the private and Government sector, received that State award for teachers for the year 2020 and 2021.
For the 2021 batch, 21 teachers were awarded and another 13 were accorded the State Award for teachers from the 2020 batch.
All the awardees received a medal each along with a cash prize of Rs.15,000 and a citation. (Page News Service)