Saturday, July 24, 2021

Int’l Day of Peace observed with fasting, prayer and peace healing service

Dimapur, September 21: International Day of peace was observed for three days in prayer, fasting and peace healing service on the theme “climate action for peace”, which culminated today at National Peace Prayer Center, Nihoto village with Jacob Zhimomi, Minister PHED as special guest.
Yibemo Kikon, Convenor Nagaland Chapter of North East Indigenous People’s Forumn presented keynote address. He noted peace is the need of an hour, where so many differences of attitude, concerns and life style are in big conflict.
The message of climate action for peace is not only about our environment and health but also about security of human life which can be addressed through global action, he said and added there are 370 millions of indigenous people around the world and spread across more than 90 countries.
He said these communities are often subject to harsh realities and face discrimination in country’s legal system in many parts of the world and even in our own North Eastern States like Tripura are facing such kind of discrimination.
Peace can only be achieved if concrete action is taken to combat climate change, he further said.
Jacob Zhimomi, Minister PHED stressed on the importance of peace and harmony and said it should be incorporated in everyone’s mind and soul and promote for a better world. To promote peace environment in our circle of life, it is also important to develop one’s good social relationship among ourselves and therefore should contribute to building a culture of peace, he added
Dr. Hesheto Y Chishi, Director NPPC chair the programme, Kakheli Hollo, Women pastor Baptist Church Nihoto pronounced invocation prayer, Dr. Nihoto P Chishi, Ato Kükau and Chairman of NPPC delivered welcome address, special number by Aloke Yeptho & Hapito Assumi, Vote of thanks by Shiwoto Yeptho Ato kükau & Vice Chairman NPPC and benediction by Pastor Mughalu Awomi Baptist Church Nihoto Village.
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