Thursday, March 30, 2023

Intl Day of Older Persons observed in State

IDOP at KohimaDimapur, October 1: Directorate of Social Welfare celebrated International Day of Older Persons 2020 on the theme “Pandemics: Do they change how we address age and ageing” at the Social Welfare Director’s chamber on October 1.
President, Senior Citizen Association Nagaland Khekiye K Sema IAS (Rtd) said that social welfare is an important department as much can be done towards upliftment and protecting the welfare of the old age people.
Sema said that senior citizens have much to contribute towards the society with their years of experiences yet very less opportunity are given to them. He stated that Naga society are blessed to have a strong customs and traditions whereby we take care of the elder people who are helpless and in need of care. He also reminded the younger generations to keep the traditions alive and take care of the elderly people.
Sema also urged the department to create a social order and norms to improve the welfare services and well-being of the senior citizen and the society as a whole.
The Department also gave awards to two distinguished senior citizens commemorating the event.
Meluri: A programme to mark International Day of Older Persons was held at Meluri Village Council Hall on October 1 organized by Miiluori Shefiiri Kiigharii on the theme “Pandemic, do they change, how we address age and ageing”.
Z. Nyusietho Nyuthe emphasized on how older people paved the way for the young. He encouraged the senior citizens to be content with their lives and not ponder on old grudges and mistakes.
The speaker expressed happiness that there is no history of contraction of COVID-19 among the Meluri elderly people. Out of 138 older people above 75 years, 44 male and 47 females, a total of 91 attended the programme.
Keynote address was delivered by Poriitho Ngouri, CDPO Meluri.
(Page News Service)