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International Domestic Workers Day celebrated

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Dimapur, June 15: NDWM Nagaland Region in collaboration with Assisi Centre for Integrated Development and All Nagaland Domestic Workers Union commemorated International Domestic Workers Day on the theme, “Care for those who care for them” with great enthusiasm and fervor today in Assisi Auditorium Lake View Colony, Khermahal, which highlighted the vital contributions of domestic workers to society and addressed the challenges they face.
Vilanuo Angela Yhome, President of the Naga Mothers Association Nagaland, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. In her keynote address, Angela emphasized the indispensable role domestic workers play in households and the broader community. She lauded their dedication and hard work, which often go unnoticed and called for greater recognition and support for these essential workers.
Guest of Honour, Visakhonuo, Assistant Labour Commissioner, spoke in detail about various government schemes and enrolment processes available to domestic workers. She provided valuable insights into how these workers can access benefits designed to improve their working conditions and overall well-being. Her address aimed to empower domestic workers with knowledge about their rights and the resources available to them.
Adding to the depth of the discussion, Asangla the president of All Nagaland Domestic Workers Union presented a poignant account of the plight of domestic workers. She highlighted the challenges they face, including low wages, lack of job security, and insufficient social protection. Her speech underscored the urgent need for policy reforms and better enforcement of existing labour laws to safeguard the rights of domestic workers.
She also urged the government to fulfill the demands of the domestic workers like minimum wage, enrolment of domestic workers in the schedule of employment and to recognize their work and the service they provide for the household.
Sr. Pramila Lobo, in her welcome address expressed that they are gathered together to celebrate the invaluable contribution of domestic workers who dedicate their lives to caring for their homes, families and society.
“As we celebrate them today in anticipation let us make this international domestic workers day celebration of their hard work, dedication, commitment,” she said and urged the government to enroll domestic workers in the schedule of employment and to entitle them for minimum wage.
Rev. Fr. Johny Parish Priest, Holy Cross Parish Dimapur invoked Gods presence and blessings on the special gathering of today. He also expressed that these domestic workers are unsung heroes of the family whose work goes unnoticed, unrecognised and their voice is not heard.
The programme was represented by NGO representatives, village leaders, Goanbura, women leaders, church based and educational institutions. There were 387 participants who witnessed the event. The event concluded with cultural programmes.
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