Friday, December 1, 2023

International Day of Older Persons celebrated in Tuensang, Meluri, Zunheboto

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Dimapur, October 3: The International Day of Older Persons 2023 was celebrated at the Town Hall in Tuensang on October 1. Lithrongla Tongpi Rutsa, Deputy Commissioner of Tuensang, graced the occasion as the special guest.
The programme was organised by the District Welfare Office in collaboration with United Tribal of Elders, Leaders Union (UTELU), District Administration, District Election Office Tuensang, Department of Health and Family Welfare, District Hospital Tuensang, and the National Helpline for Senior Citizens.
In her brief address, Deputy Commissioner emphasised the invaluable contribution of older persons to society. She highlighted that being older does not imply weakness in willpower or wisdom; rather, it signifies a wealth of knowledge in cultural history and the value of work.
Lithrongla Tongpi urged the younger generation to extend love, care, and support to older individuals, recognizing the importance of their wisdom and experience.
During the event, the Deputy Commissioner, along with the District Election Officer Tuensang, administered the Pledge on Clean Election, reinforcing the commitment to fair and ethical electoral practices.
The event saw the participation of over 200 older individuals from Tuensang, underscoring the significance of celebrating the resilience and wisdom of older persons.
Meanwhile, residents of Meluri village came together to celebrate International Older Persons Day at the Meluri Village Council hall on October 1. The event was organized by the Village Council of Meluri and sponsored by Advisor to N&RE and NSDMA, Z Nyusietho Nyuthe, who was also the chief host.
Nyuthe expressed his delight in knowing that Meluri has a substantial population of elderly individuals, with 167 people aged 75 and above, including 88 octogenarians and 17 nonagenarians. The statistics indicated a slightly higher number of elderly men, with 86, compared to women, who numbered 81.
In his address, the chief host delved into the theme, emphasising the “Resilience and Contribution of Older Persons in a Changing World”.
The Zunheboto District Senior Citizen Association, in collaboration with the Social Welfare Department and Legal Services Authority, joined the global celebration of International Day of Older Persons on October 1. The event took place at the VDB Hall.
The programme was graced by K Tokugha Sukhalu, Advisor to Food & Civil Supplies and Legal Metrology, as the special guest.
Sukhalu urged everyone to come together to honour and celebrate the significant contributions of seniors to society. He emphasised that older individuals have played an integral role in shaping society and the lives of the younger generation.
Sukhalu encouraged reflection on the challenges faced by senior citizens and called for greater awareness of their needs, emphasizing the importance of respect, understanding, and care.
He stressed the importance of creating a more inclusive and equitable society where seniors can live with dignity and fulfilment. Sukhalu pointed out that the International Day of Older Persons serves as an opportunity to recognize the importance of older individuals and raise awareness about their challenges in accessing healthcare, social security, and other services.
He emphasised the need for policies and legislation to protect the rights and well-being of older persons.
Sukhalu also highlighted the historical contributions of Zunheboto’s elders, who played a pivotal role in establishing the district as the Sumi headquarters. He called upon the community to contribute to the prosperity and peace of society, citing the need for land donations to support development initiatives.
EAC Hq. Moplin, in his brief speech, expressed gratitude to the seniors for their efforts in building and maintaining the district. He emphasized the importance of their wisdom and support for the administration.
Easter H Yeptho, a retainer lawyer in Zunheboto, spoke about the rights and facilities available to older persons, and cultural performances included a Sumi folk song by Yetozhe Zhimomi and group and a special song by the Hope Messengers.
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