Thursday, March 4, 2021

Interaction on Kiphire aspirational district held

Dimapur, August 7: An interaction session was held with Nikhi Chandra, Consultant Regional Center for Urban and Environmental Studies Lucknow, Ministry of Urban Developmental, Government of India on August 6.
Nikhil Chandra’s visit to Kiphire was to discuss proposals for the preparation of a detailed master plan for aspirational district of Kiphire. During the interaction session departments highlighted their departmental activities including the medical department.
Nikhil Chandra called upon the district officers to operate the database and also urged them to function uniformly for development in the area. He requested the district to use the funds judiciously for the aspirational district. He also stated that each house should be connected with water supply and asked the district administration to design and implement the same for the benefit of the people.
He also expressed concerned on the mobile network facility in the district and further highlighted on the management and monitoring of farmers.
(Page News Service)