Saturday, September 25, 2021

Inter religious dialogue held at Medziphema

Dimapur, May 22: Peace Channel organized “Inter Religious Dialogue and Peace Building in Nagaland” on May 19 at Medziphema Town Hall. The programme was attended by more than 13 different churches leaders, representative from Hindu community and leaders from the community and well wishers.
Director of Pathfinder, Vitono Gugu Haralu was the moderator for the discussion and dialogue session. She emphasized on peace in the community and that personal perspective (on peace) leads the community for a better tomorrow.
During the session, the participants were given time to share their thoughts and understanding of peace. The participants shared that acceptance and respect of other religion is important to the upliftment of the community. Every religion need peace and every religion teaches about peace. Other shared that peace is unity, loving one another and helping one another and as such to spread the message of peace, one should start from within oneself and the family only then there will be real peace. They believe that through peace we can overcome the challenges of ‘ism’.
The moderator also shared her experiences on different conflict situations citing an example of different denominations in the society which has divided the people and the church. She also raised a question to the participants: We Nagas are tolerant, but what is the basis of our tolerance? And how long will it last?
After the discussion, action plan was made along with the community that more programme be initiated and trainings on peace and relevant topics to the youth, religious leaders and community leaders.
The session was concluded with a mass prayer joining hands together as one family.
(Page News Service)