Inter college exchange program held


Dimapur, July 29: The new academic batch of 48 NEISSRIANS along with 51 college leaders of St. Xavier College, Jalukie had an inter college exchange program on July 27 at NEISSR conference hall. The student’s leaders were given the opportunity to interact with post graduate faculties and social work students.
During their visit the students were warmly welcomed by Fr. John Poji the Administrator and Vice-Principal of NEISSR and oriented the need of Social Work in the Society.
In the opening session Peace Activist, Arhomo Nugllie exhorted in his short message to the students that Master of Social Work is not only about specific field of study but it includes multiple field of study where an individual is exposed to different subject matter like, psychology, science, history, politics, management, entrepreneurship etc.
Dr. Fr. C P Anto the principal of NEISSR talked about the importance of setting a goal in life. In his interaction with the students he reminded all the participants to have the attitude of possibility thinking and vision oneself the future into reality.
Fr Anto encouraged all the participants not to be swayed away by negative forces, or be frustrated by obstacles that may develop on the way towards reaching the goal. He discussed about the advantages and disadvantages of goal setting to the participants, and mentioned that social worker can work in different settings like in Health, Rights, Welfare sector, Agency administrator, Institutional settings and Community Development under NGOs’, Industries, Government Organization, Corporates, and others.
To set a goal effectively, one should have the skills to conduct SMART goal training, where the goal should be- Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-phase (SMART). One should also conduct SWOT analysis, where it will help to identify the Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats, he added.
Furthermore Fr. Anto pointed out the development of education should be on three perspective qualities-the head level of understanding, analyzing and functioning, the heart level of empathy and feelings for other and the hand level of reaching out to the needy people who need our help.
At the end of interaction, the speaker urged all the participants to be a source of social healer within the family to community, and to society as well.
During the reflection time, one of the students shared with great enthusiasm that he had ran out of fuel but got refilled after attending the session.
Another one of the trainee, Susan gave a reflection and urged the participants saying that there’s no age bound to learn, but again not to wait too long if one wanted to pursue further studies.
Questioning on how a leader should act or respond by one of the students, Dr. Fr. C.P Anto encouraged all the students to practice participatory leadership which is not dominating, but to be a kind of leader who are informative, aware, inclusive, and at the same time make another set of new leaders.
Dr. C.P Anto appreciated the initiative of Dr. Fr. Francis, Principal of St. Xavier College, Jalukie. (Page News Service)