Inspiration thy name is Bilkis Bano!


Dear Madam,
After administering a grave shock to the nation by announcing that he is thinking of giving up his social media accounts, Prime Minister Narendra Modi provides us immense relief by stressing that actually on this Sunday he is not quitting it! Rather he is dedicating his social media accounts to women whose life and works inspire us!
He wants us to share stories of inspiring women under the tag “She Inspires Us”! This is indeed a very praiseworthy initiative on part of him.
So by drawing inspiration from the tweet of the PM, let’s dedicate this special day to the lioness-in-heart Bilkis Bano — the multiple gang rape victim during the horrific 2002 Gujarat pogrom.
Let’s salute the eternal fighter and dignified Bilkis for refusing the crumb of Rs.5 lakh as proposed by Gujarat government and showing tenacity to venture in an unequal fight against State apparatus despite getting forced to lead a nomadic life following the barbaric medieval torture upon her. And after as many as 17 years, Supreme Court ensured her compensation of Rs. 50 lakh, a Government job and accommodation.
What a fight tenacity courage and never-say-die attitude against all possible adversities till justice gets delivered! What a role model for innumerable persons getting tortured and victimised by the vested interests in this society!
Inspiration thy name is Bilkis Bano!
Yes, Bilkis inspires us.
Kajal Chatterjee, D-2/403 Peerless Nagar, Kolkata-114.