Innovation is the future for India: Dr. Swamy at Royal Global University


Guwahati, September 1: Rajya Sabha MP, Dr. SubramanianSwamy today had an interactive session with students of Royal Global University(RGU) on ‘India’-An Emerging Economic Power. How far is it from reality with corruption, casteism, political differences, etc.
Dr Swamy stated that he was pleasantly surprised with the infrastructure and facilities of RGU in Guwahati and he prophesized that it would play a major role in future education in South East Asia.
He urged the youth to know their history and be proud of the 600 years of Ahoms ruling undivided Asom, which Britishers could not topple despite all efforts.
‘Innovation and You’ must become synonymous with the young minds to discover, innovate and take risks, after consultation, he said and cited his Harvard American and Indian students where the former would take risks and the latter a job after finishing education. This mentality of a ‘comfort life’ through a job must give way to taking up innovative entrepreneurship, he added.
India is the third economic superpower now after USA and China. It can overtake China in ten years if all Indians worked towards it, he said.
He stressed on the equal intelligence of both men and women in terms of knowledge and humorously cited the Hindu gods where all important departments of money, education, power were with women but only reporting was with Narayan. He considered women more intelligent, imploring the audience to give more power to them through education and pledging to abolish dowry.
He also said India must stand up to corruption, catch the top corrupted people and once jailed, it will send a strong message to all, ridding it of inefficiency, substandard products, adulteration, wastage of resources and ISI will cease to threat India and Indian politicians.
He mentioned that caste system must go as the DNA of a Brahmin and a scheduled person is the same.
“We are one people and men and women are equal,” he added.
He also felt that demonetization should have been dealt in a better way by printing the 100 rupee note six times more than released to avoid the long queues in front of ATMs. Demonetization has converted black money into more black money paving the way for a negative effect and bad mood.
He also stressed that instead of aping the West as in alcohol consumption, drugs, night clubs etc, a youth has to take pride in being Indian in its truest sense and governments should not stress on it as it comes from within.
He was critical of illegal migrants in Assam eating into its resources and believed that after NRC, legal Indians would not be left out. Education and population check can make India a superpower, he said and called upon young Indians, the students to hold a torch to the future.
(Page News Service)