Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Inmates of Ganesh Nagar Quarantine Centre allegedly assaulted by police personnel

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Dimapur, June 23: Weeks after earning praise for converting an abandoned Ganesh Nagar into a Quarantine Centre in record time and hosting the returnees, the Nagaland Police has been accused of physically assaulting the inmates of the quarantine centre, even to the extent of torturing them.
Videos and pictures of the quarantine centre and the inmates that are in circulation show injuries inflicted on the inmates of the quarantine centre allegedly by police personnel.
It is not known how many inmates suffered injuries from the alleged highhandedness of the police personnel manning the quarantine centre at Ganesh Nagar.
The allegation that police personnel used “electric shock gun” at one of the inmates could not be established. It is not known whether Nagaland Police personnel are allotted Taser guns.
It may be mentioned that the inmates of the quarantine centre had recently come from Bangalore and are stationed in different blocks.
According to a Facebook post, the inmates of Building No. 1 of Ganesh Nagar Quarantine Centre were beaten up and some were allegedly injured.
Chairs in the quarantine centres were also smashed and broken. However, police sources said that those chairs were broken by the inmates themselves. “Why should police personnel break their own furniture?” a police official asked without divulging other details.
According to sources, the incident took place after the inmates of the quarantine centre complained about the quality of food served to them, which did not go down well with those who are hosting the returnees.
There are allegations that “rotten chicken” was served to the inmates.
According to the social media post, the returnees were warned not to circulate videos and images and that they were threatened that in future their careers would get affected and they would find it difficult to get a job if they leaked the videos or photos of the incident.
The injured inmates were later administered First Aid by the medical staff present, after the situation normalized.
Meanwhile, when Nagaland Page tried to contact the police officials who are in-charge of the Quarantine Centre at Ganesh Nagar, there was no response from their side.
Till the time of filing this report, a statement from the PHQ was awaited.
NMA condemns:
Naga Mothers’ Association today said that violence from uniformed personnel is unacceptable.
In a statement, the NMA said these are young returnees with equal human rights and not criminals.
“Sending certain returnees to Ganesh Nagar for indiscipline cannot give the uniformed police to go for unacceptable physical assault and threats,” the NMA said and condemned such violence in the midst of the pandemic.
The pictures are proof and Government must take action on the perpetrators and restore faith on the rule of law and the rights of returnees to good healthy food and security of their lives, it stated. (Page News Service)