Thursday, September 23, 2021

Induction of COVID-19 volunteers at Shamator

Dimapur, June 13: Task Force for COVID-19 Shamator sub-division conducted a one-day training cum briefing and induction of COVID-19 volunteers on June 13 for those who are to be engaged in any exigencies related to COVID-19. The objective of the meeting was to acclimatize the volunteers to the new environment and get them acquainted with all the procedures while carrying out the work.
Langonsen Tsanglao, ADC & chairman of the Task Force for Covid-19 Shamator spoke on the importance of following all safety norms related to Covid-19. He urged the people to come forward voluntarily to overcome the pandemic.
The medical team sensitized the volunteers regarding frequent hand wash, social distancing and wearing of masks. They also reminded that PPE is mainly for health care workers who monitor the patients in close contact. The team also directed the volunteers to mobilize the public to follow the protocols given by the authority and to stop social stigmatization against the volunteers, healthcare workers and all others frontline workers, including the patients.
A total of 17 volunteers attended the training. (Page News Service)