Thursday, April 15, 2021
North East

Indo-Naga talks: Manipur groups to launch mass protest on Oct 31

Imphal, October 28: The Coordinating Committee on Manipur Integrity (COCOMI) will launch a massive protest on October 31 to register a strong opposition against any deal that could affect the territorial integrity of Manipur amid the Indo-Naga peace talks. COCOMI is an umbrella body of several civil society organizations recently formed with the objective to lead agitation against any anti-state outcome from the talks.
Meanwhile, a mass candlelight vigil was held across Naga inhabited areas in the hill district of Manipur for “inclusive, honourable, and acceptable solution” to the protracted Indo-Naga peace process.
The candlelight vigil was organised by Naga frontal organizations of the respective areas in response to the Naga Students’ Federation appeal for observing the vigil in all the Naga homeland.
The objective of the proposed mass protest in Manipur is to coincide with the final settlement of the ongoing peace talks, which is likely to be finalized by October 31.
Sunil Karam, convener COCOMI, has called on the people to put a halt to their daily activities and join the protest.
Karam warned that the protest could snowball into the worst form ever witnessed in the state — larger than the 2001 protests which resulted in the death of 18 civilians.
Karam said that the announcement to settle the decades-old Naga issue was an “insult” to Manipur, which is stake holder in the issue. He also alleged that the development comes despite the assurance given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to consult all the stakeholders before concluding the talks.
He appealed to the people to be alert for any eventuality.
(Courtesy: IE)