Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Indo-Naga political stalemate in a nutshell: W/C, NNPGs

Since the split of NSCN, the Nagas at large had been mis-led and bewitched by propagandas and mis-information campaigns simultaneously with relentless armed offensive by certain political faction. For almost two and half a decade i,e up till the signing of Framework Agreement between the GOI and IM, the Naga people were mis-guided to harp on to the illusion that IM faction alone could resolve the issue. The GOI and the Naga people however realised the futility of one-sided effort and the need for broad based process involving all the stake holders became paramount if at all an amicable, honourable and acceptable solution is to be brought about.

Exception of 1951 plebiscite, the Naga people had at no point of time conducted any political exercise at large to accord any particular organisation the legitimacy to resolve the conflict. Consequent of which, the 16 point Agreement of 1960 and the Shillong accord of 1975 were nullified by the Nagas. More so, the secretive and exclusive 2015 Framework Agreement between GOI and IM focussing on Nagalim became even more obscure and untrustworthy.
Therefore, the NNPG’S which represents the entire Naga inhabited areas and commands the confidence of every Naga stake holders rose to the occasion and signed the Agreed Position with the GOI thus ushering in a new era and paved the way for broad based honourable and acceptable political solution for all the Nagas in general and GOI.
The Agreed Position and the supporting status paper submitted to the GOI covers every aspects and contours of the Naga’s aspiration and clearly underlines ‘the rights of the Nagas to self-determine their own future’ which in itself is the cardinal and unprecedented achievement in the entire course of the Naga struggle and which other Naga negotiators in the past or the present failed to implant in the political agreement.
The Nagas must also not be confused with the mis-interpretation of IM’s Framework Agreement with regard to sharing of sovereign power between GOI and the Nagas. The phrase does in no manner imply or agree to granting of sovereignty as being alluded to by IM. Rather, the GOI is very candid and firm on distribution of subjects and political/administrative jurisdictions between the centre and the federating units within the constitution of India. The same arrangement has been pre-ordained by TH.Muivah, the General Secretary and chief negotiator of IM in 2012 at Agri expo, Dimapur where he publicly acknowledged that Sovereignty and territorial integration is impossible and as such any solution shall be within Indian federation and bounds of Indian constitution and for which acquiescence on the part of IM leadership, the GOI agreed to ink the Framework Agreement in 2015.It also needed to be understood that nowhere in the FA, a separate flag and constitution for the Nagas are indicated unless there exist another hidden document. The issue was only obtusely raised after conclusion of all formal political dialogue as has been announced on 31 October 2019.
The Naga people and the GOI are well aware of the fact that peaceful co-existence is the only way forward, accordingly the NNPG’S Agreed Position and the status paper has been prepared in correspondence to the wishes of our people and reality of the times we are living. It has been widely shared and discussed with every section of the Naga people and has acquired popular endorsement and thumping approval of the people.
Being holistic and realistic in our approach to resolve the Indo-Naga conflict, the NNPG’S does not harbour any illusion or make false promises, our negotiation has been premised on the possibilities and solution without further delay unlike the IM’s high sounding ,ambiguous, rigid and offensive posture which only negates the Naga’s desire for early solution. It has become quite apparent that this particular entity despite having fully realised the improbability of their lofty demands wishes to drag on the process indefinitely by changing their stances with the change of every interlocutor during the past 23 years of negotiation. And indeed ‘Solution’ has become a threat to many enterprising workers who manage their comfortable living and imposes ruthless dictates on the common Naga mass on the pretext of resolving the conflict.
It is for the Naga people to accord legitimacy and approval and not for any political organisation to claim such, the people’s mandate for early solution is crystal clear and NNPG’S has reciprocated to the genuine desire of the suffering Naga people.However, It has become a complete contradiction and self-mockery on the part of an entity to claim lone legitimacy to resolve Indo-Naga issue and scorn the genuine common Naga political platform as surrogate when in reality they alone are a stumbling block to an early solution.

Moreover, the Naga people question the credibility of their secretive agreement and their refusal to share the contents of their competencies has caused even more suspicion rather than according them the legitimacy to decide the fate of the people.
Fooling the Nagas and the GOI by churning propagandas and blackmail no longer works. The Nagas demands truth, transparency and accountability and above all early solution in line with the realistic approach of the NNPG’S.
No organisation can hide behind the soaring unrealistic ideals for long, it’s an opportune time for every genuine national worker to bow down and accept reality. The change of diabolic mindset is imminent. Any further ploy to subjugate the people further for the sake of prolonging their parasitic empire that only feeds on the life blood of the Nagas is doomed. Early solution is the only option.
And since all the unresolved issue including territorial integration are to be pursued successively post-solution, respective Nagas must begin charting own future course focussing on respective ancestral territories upon which the contemplated solution is designed to find proper landing.
Likewise Nagaland state should no longer be exploited as breeding ground for surrogates to perpetrate their de-facto hegemony or to be used as a rehabilitation zone for outsiders in the post-solution era. The unholy nexus between the surrogates and dubious politicians for several decades has reduced Nagaland into a vassal state. It is high time for the Nagaland Nagas to wake from the induced slumber and confront the challenges head-on lest the enduring bondage.
The aspirants of utopian Nagalim should no longer seek to perpetuate their proxy rule in Nagaland state, for they have for too long been a tumour strangulating the very existence of Nagaland Nagas. The NNPG’S is ever steadfast for an early, honourable and acceptable solution and genuinely desires to free the people from the additional yoke of oppression so ruthless and incomprehensible particularly in the last two and half a decade.
Issued by-Media Cell, W/C, NNPGs.