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Indigenous Games held at Paonglum Mini Hornbill

Indigenous Games
Indigenous Games in progress at Yimphang Village in Tuensang during Poanglum Mini Hornbill festival on January 13, 2022. (IA Tuensang)

Dimapur, January 14: The Indigenous Games marked the 3rd day of Poanglum Mini Hornbill festival at Parade ground Tuensang on January 13.
Sponsored by Tribal Research Institute, Department of Tribal Affairs Nagaland, the indigenous games were Chang’s Strongest Man- the winner was N. Nokching of Yimphang Village, second and third positions were bagged by Mosha and R Wongto respectively.
The winners of the Tug of War (Yamluh jangyubu) were Chang Mutlie Thangjam and NST Ward got the runners-up; in fire making competition (Khungkhang wansat) A. Ako of Sipong Sector was the winner.
In (Dei Mokyubu) Traditional Water Filling competition Phenjang Colony were the winners, Yaongyemti Saoshuong Thanjam and Chingmelen Saoshuong Thangjam secured the second and third respectively.
H Meren of Chaai sector bagged the first position in Bamboo Basket Making competition and Thungtimongko of Chongshen Sangmag got second and Chingmak of Yungphaang Sangmang in the third position while the bamboo slashing competition winner went to Nocjiod NST ward, while Langa of Chaolu sector and Khoni of Laiket Sector secured second and third respectively.
The indigenous events held at Yungphaang Village were Air Rifle shooting competition- in male category, Kaplong Chingmak, Akhong and Makam were the winners while in women category I. Alemla, Anti and Amen Chang took away the titles. In the catapult shooting competition, Imti Sungba, N Among and Nukshi were the best shooters.
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