Tuesday, May 11, 2021

India’s fight against COVID-19 is inspiring the world: PM Modi

PM Modi 1
Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivering the valedictory address during the platinum jubilee celebrations of Heartfulness Institute (Screengrab)

Hyderabad, February 16: India’s fight against COVID-19 is inspiring the world, though at the beginning of the pandemic other countries were worried about the countrys situation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday.

He said India is playing a central role in global vaccination and the countrys vision for wellness is as much global as it is domestic.
The nation is following a human-centric approach to furthering global good and it is based on a healthy balanced welfare and well-being, he said, virtually delivering the valedictory address to ‘Heartfulness Practitioners’ on the occasion of the platinum jubilee celebrations of Heartfulness Institute of Shri Ram Chandra Mission.
Modi said India’s flagship healthcare scheme Ayushman Bharat–Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Abhiyan (PMJAY) has more beneficiaries than the population of the USA and many European nations.
“At the beginning of this (COVID-19) pandemic, the whole world was worried about India’s situation. But today India’s fight against corona (coronavirus) is inspiring the entire world.
“the alertness of 130 crore Indians in the fight against the pandemic has become an example for the world,” he said.
The Prime Minister pointed out that India has undertaken among the worlds largest public welfare programmes in the last six years, aimed at giving the poor a life of dignity and opportunity.
“From universal sanitation coverage to social welfare schemes, from smoke-free kitchens to banking the unbanked, from access to technology to housing for all, India’s public welfare schemes touched many lives.
Even before the global pandemic came, our nation had increased the focus on wellness,” the PM said.
According to him, Indias idea of wellness goes beyond merely curing a disease and there has been an extensive work on preventive healthcare.
He noted that prices of medicines and medical equipment in India have been lowered.
When the world needed medicines for COVID-19, India is proud to have sent them all over.
Now India is playing a central role in global vaccination.
Our vision for wellness is as much global as it is domestic,” he said, adding the world was looking at health and wellness very seriously, especially after COVID-19.
“India has much to offer in this regard. Let us work towards making India a hub for spiritual and wellness tourism.
Our Yoga and Ayurveda can contributeto a healthy planet,” he said highlighting the importance of Yoga to deal with lifestyle diseases.
On the ‘Heartfulness Practice’, Modi said the world has to be informed about its benefits and invited people from other countries to come and rejuvenate themselves in India.
The Prime Minister the world was at present facing several diseases emerging from fast-paced lifestyle, pandemic, and also struggling with terrorism problems.
Under these circumstances, Sahaj Marg (Natural Path), heartfulness programmes and Yoga are like ‘Asha ki kiran’ (ray of hope) for the world he said, praising Kamesh Patel–Daaji, the present guide of Heartfulness. (PTI)