Indian agencies trying to sabotage solution: NSCN (R)

Indian agencies trying to sabotage solution: NSCN (R)

Dimapur, March 8: The NSCN (Reformation) has alleged that some Indian agencies are “working tirelessly” to ensure that no solution is arrived at between India and the Nagas.
In a statement, Kilonser & Supervisor, Ceasefire Supervisory Board, NSCN (R), Imlongnukshi Chang alleged that “some agencies of India” are provoking Naga groups who are in ceasefire with India to break the truce by alleging that “weapons all over Nagaland is being transported by special ceasefire identity card holders and arresting of workers and cadres.” This is being done to cancel special ceasefire ID card of important leaders, the statement alleged.
The NSCN (R) alleged that the agencies are acting this way “just for their selfish gains”, while also claiming that if solution is arrived at, there will be no way for the Indian agencies “to gain from huge funds given by India for internal security.”
The NSCN (R) requested all workers and cadres to be extra vigil and be prepared to escape from “such usual tactics.” It said any further plans will be informed after consultation with collective leaders.
The NSCN (R) also reiterated that it wants that the solution with India be durable and beneficial to both India and Nagas. “It was our top agenda right from our formation in 2015,” it added. (Page News Service)