Saturday, January 16, 2021
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India will have only one National Flag and Constitution: Ravi

R N Ravi

‘No single entity should claim sole franchise over Naga issue’

DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 30: Even as the NSCN (IM) continues to insist on a separate Naga flag and constitution for an honourable settlement to the decades old Indo-Naga political problem, the Government of India appears to have already decided against it.

“The Indian National Flag and Constitution are the pride of the people of India. The Government of India is absolutely clear that there is and there shall be only one National Flag and Constitution in India. Anyone talking anything contrary is peddling preposterous lies. They are trying to confuse and mislead the people,” stated Nagaland Governor, RN Ravi in a message on the eve of the 58th Statehood Day of Nagaland.
Ravi, who is also the GoI’s Interlocutor to the Indo-Naga talks, also made it clear that the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Union of India is supreme. He declared that the Government of India has never ever talked, much less negotiated, with anyone on the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country.
“Any misadventure to disintegrate this great Nation shall not be tolerated,” he cautioned.
Stating that under Prime Minister Narendra Modi the fundamental anomalies and distortions in the ongoing peace process have been corrected by making it truly inclusive, Ravi said the Naga political issue belongs to the Naga people and that no single entity should claim the sole franchise over it.
“Nagas have existed and survived through centuries through their customary and traditional institutions. Heart of Nagaland beats in its villages. The traditional village institutions and the tribal bodies are the primary stakeholders in the Naga political issue. Their freely expressed wishes and decisions are paramount in any settlement.”
Claiming that the people have clearly expressed their mind for conclusion of the endless peace-process without any further delay, he said, “They (the people) want end of the gun-culture. They want the rule of law and justice. They want an environment for flourishing of the genius of its people. Every other entity should respect them and their wishes. Being disrespectful to the primary stakeholders is an insult to the people of Nagaland. Any attempt to intimidate or threaten them will invite the wrath of the people and full might of the laws of the land,” he warned.
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