Monday, May 10, 2021
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India is not prepared for honorable political solution: Naga Hoho


Dimapur, August 2: The Naga Hoho today said it is time for the Naga political negotiators to rethink whether to go ahead with the present system of negotiation without finding any tangible solution or will they continue sitting in their cozy confinements in Delhi, “as we believe that India is not prepared for honorable political solution, but will try to buy more and more time blaming the conflict of interest among the Nagas.”
In a statement on the eve of the singing of Framework Agreement, the Naga Hoho said Naga peoples’ hopes have been crushed once again as the Framework Agreement attains three years, adding, “Our last bet for signing the Agreement is during the ensuing Monsoon session of Parliament, however we are fretting that it is likely to vanish into thin air again.”
The Naga Hoho said it has clearly stated from time and again that India must strike at the right opportune time to resolve the Indo-Naga imbroglio and wonder what more better opportunity, the GoI wants other than the present political scenario.
Naga people would not expect any political solution in many more years to come if it goes beyond September 2018 considering the forthcoming Parliamentary elections in India, it said
“We are also fully convinced that enough of negotiations and agreement have been done during the last 21 years of formal and informal political dialogues between the Naga political negotiators and the different Interlocutors on behalf of GoI. Even then, the GoI is unable to sign the peace Agreement, but is rather exhibiting an uncompromising attitude and flexibility on symbolic issues which are very dear to the Nagas,” it said. (Page News Service)