Sunday, June 20, 2021
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India is for all

During a RSS convention, Pranab Mukherjee had stressed on the importance of diversity equality and tolerance towards all beliefs and faith. Instead of denigrating the Muslim invaders as “aliens”, he had invoked Rabindranath Tagore’s epic poem ‘Bharat Tirtha’ to welcome the incoming flow to India and to be proud of our assimilated history.
While indirectly condemning the current dominant force practicing intolerance and hatred in crudest manner possible with sole emphasis on a particular religion, Mukherjee boldly batted for pluralism and secularism.
Mukherjee had also pointed out that ensuring happiness and welfare of people should be the first priority of any ideal State. Common Indians need food shelter education medical care justice and peace. Sooner the concerned authorities, obsessed with gigantic statues-Moon exploration-Sky kissing flags-Gomata-mass Yoga-Bullet trains-Ramayana Museum-Ram Temple-Saraswati river “discovery” project, learnt a bit from Mukherjee; the better would had it been for the future of the country.
But on that very forum RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat had claimed that “Mukherjee will remain what he is and the Sangh will remain the Sangh even after the event”! Yes, Bhagwat and RSS have indeed been honest enough to say it and again proving that all such sane rational humanitarian secular tolerant voice of Mukherjee have fallen on deaf ears! So instead of investing maximum resource time and energy to solve the innumerable basic problems plaguing the overwhelming majority of this impoverished nation. Bhagwat has again called for making law to build Ram Temple, that too by terming such bankrupt divisive meaningless programme as “national issue”! Indeed no shame is enough for this outfit hell-bent on destroying the secular spirit of the nation as envisaged by none other than the Indian Constitution!
And by which democratic moral or Constitutional right can a certain Union Minister of “Good Days” regime dare to issue threat to Muslims opposing a Ram Temple at Ayodhya(“Hindus are running out of patience. I fear what will happen if Hindus lose patience”)! Is this multi-religious heterogeneous diverse country paternal property of this leader, BJP, RSS or the Hindutva brigade? When will he and his fellow saffronites learn to appreciate that this country is neither the paternal property nor colony of the Hindus! So by which authority can one think of imposing a Ram Temple upon all and if met with protest, dare to issue vulgar brute threats!
Thanks to the concerned Union Minister, we have also got enlightened to the “fact” that “Majority of Muslims are in favour of a Ram Temple”! Has any organization declared that wish on behalf of all Muslims! Or has any referendum produced such bizarre opinion! Or he has expertised in reading Muslim minds! It proves that brainwashing programme, threats and blatant communalism form the part and parcel of this saffron brigade.
It is high time the administration and judiciary come forward and award exemplary punishment to such leaders for openly issuing threats directed at Muslims by invoking the Ram Temple issue, indirectly encouraging communal disturbances so as to religiously polarize the electorate and thereby reap electoral dividends. It forms the duty of all sane individuals in the Indian society to thwart this highly divisive agenda and mindset from gaining further ground if they sincerely desire to see diversity and heterogeneity continue to reign upon this multi-cultural land.
Kajal Chatterjee, Kolkata

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