Wednesday, December 6, 2023

India hits out at Pak, OIC for raising Kashmir issue at UNHRC

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NEW DELHI, September 15: India on Wednesday slammed Pakistan and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) for raising the Kashmir issue at the UN Human Rights Commission (UNHRC).

India while addressing at the 48th session of UNHRC said that Pakistan has been openly supporting and financing terrorists including UN proscribed ones as a matter of state policy.
India’s response was delivered by Pawan Badhe, first secretary in India’s permanent mission in Geneva.
“The council is aware of Pakistan’s attempts to divert the council’s attention from serious human rights violations being perpetrated by its government, including in the territories occupied by it,” Badhe said.
“India, as not only the world’s largest democracy but a robustly functional and vibrant one, does not need lessons from a failed state like Pakistan which is the epicentre of terrorism and worst abuser of human rights,” he said
India also expressed concerns over Pakistan’s failure to protect the minorities and how women from the minority communities are subjected to crimes.
“Pakistan failed to protect the rights of its minorities, including Sikhs, Hindus, Christians and Ahmadiyas. Thousands of women and girls from minority communities are subjected to abductions, forced marriages and conversions in Pakistan,” India said at UNHRC.
“Enforced disappearances, Extra judicial killings, murders and abductions have been used as a tool for subjugation and to muzzle any form of dissent or criticism. The impunity with which such abuses have been carried out exposes the hollowness of Pakistan’s commitment to human rights,” Badhe added.
India also hit out the OIC for raising the Kashmir issue at the council, asserting that the group has no locus standi to comment on internal affairs of the country.

“The OIC has helplessly allowed itself to be held hostage by Pakistan, which holds the chairmanship of their Geneva Chapter, to subserve its own agenda. It’s for the members of the OIC to decide if it is in their interest to allow Pakistan to do so,” he said.
(ToI With agency inputs)