Increase number of coaches in Nagaland Express


Dear Madam,
There is no doubt a large number of people travel by train from Dimapur Railway Station. One can see that Nagaland Express bound for Guwahati at 6 a.m. daily is always jampacked whether it is a reserved compartment or the second class General compartment. This has killed the comfort of travelling. Those travelling in the second class the worst hit as sometimes there is not a space to move inside the bogie. During such rush, the passengers spill over to Sleeper Class/Reserved coaches and cause lots of inconveniences to the passengers who have booked reserved seats to travel in comfort. The only solution to such a problem is to increase the number of second class and Sleeper Class bogies in Nagaland Express. The concerned Railway authorities should take steps to increase the number of bogies to provide better facilities to the passengers.
Dinesh Kumar Tripathi