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In strife-torn Manipur, CM Biren claims vested interests, foreign plot behind loss of lives

Biren Singh

“Let’s forgive and forget”: Appeals for peace on I-Day

IMPHAL, AUGUST 15: Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh on Tuesday said certain misunderstandings, actions of vested interests and foreign plot to destabilise the country has led to the loss of precious lives and properties in the State.
Singh said this after hoisting the national flag at the 1st Manipur Rifles parade ground here on the occasion of the 77th Independence Day function.
The Independence Day celebration was held in all hill and valley districts of the State. He urged all to stop the violence and bring back the rapid progress the State had witnessed earlier.
“Certain misunderstandings, actions of vested interests and foreign plot to de-stabilise the country have led to the loss of precious lives and properties and many are living in relief camps”, the CM claimed.
The Government is working consistently to bring back normalcy and the affected people will be resettled soon, Singh said, adding that those who cannot be shifted to the original places immediately will be shifted temporarily to pre-fabricated houses which are under construction.
“To err is human so we must learn to forgive and forget”, he said.
“By forgiving and forgetting, we can live harmoniously and continue our journey on the path of development, which we have lost for the past 3 months.
“The violence won’t bring any development. If there was any misunderstanding and miscommunication among the communities, we can sit across the table and discuss all the shortcomings. For this, our door is always open”, he added.
The CM said a committee has been constituted to provide a project of “one family one livelihood” and rehabilitate the people. “The Government has never done anything against the provisions of the Constitution and will never ever do such as act”, he said.
Singh also claimed that the war on drugs is not targeted at any particular community or persons but was an effort by the Government to save the nation and the future generation from the menace of drug abuse.
“The war on drugs was initiated during the last part of 2018 as drugs were having a huge impact on the State with over 1 lakh drug users among the population”, he said.
“Since 2017, the BJP Government has been working consistently for the welfare of the State by understanding the pulse of the people and there was no form of conflict, bandh and blockade for the last 6 years”, the CM said, adding “more funds were added to the budgets to bring development at far off villages in the State”, Singh said the Government could not remain a mute spectator to the widespread deforestation for poppy cultivation and resolved to annihilate drugs in the State.
“Manipur is the gatekeeper of the country against the illicit trafficking of drugs and narcotics from Golden Triangle and the State is guarding the country’s youth population from drugs”, he said.
The CM said deforestation has affected climatic conditions in the State and the distribution of salt and fertilizers for poppy cultivation has affected the water resources of the State.