In sarcastic tweet, Rahul seeks release of journalists


NEW DELHI, JUNE 11: Demanding the release of journalists who have been arrested for allegedly posting objectionable content on social media against Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on June 11 made a sarcastic comment in ‘fake news’ peddled about him.
He wrote: “If every journalist who files a false report or peddles fake, vicious RSS/BJP sponsored propaganda about me is put in jail, most newspapers/ news channels would face a severe staff shortage.
“The UP CM is behaving foolishly & needs to release the arrested journalists.”
“Detaining a journalist for sharing a video that presents a State official in poor light is illegal & arbitrary and violates the principles our nation is founded on.”
The Congress chief’s comments on a section of journalists peddling fake and agenda driven news come at a time when his party has decided not to send its spokespersons and panellists to take part in any television debates.
Following the 2019 election debacle, on May 30 the Congress had announced that it would not send any of their representatives to take part in TV debates.
Though the party had never officially stated the reason behind this move, insiders claimed that a majority of the TV channels were biased against the party and the presence of a Congress representative would only give them an opportunity to legitimize their ‘one-sided debates’.
(Courtesy: The Hindu)