Friday, February 23, 2024
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In response to WC/NNPGs: “Time for Naga people to take a resolute decision”

“Betrayal and Deceit” is a treacherous subject in the history of Naga political struggle. There are such groups characterized by treachery, traitorous, disloyal, perfidious and giving false appearance taking the name of Naga freedom fighters. Today, these WC/NNPGs are desperately trying to put NSCN on the wrong side of Naga political struggle in collusion with the GoI agents who are their close friends and mentors. A repeat of history when the Indian intelligence agency and their cohorts (NPC) hijacked the Naga political issue by bringing the 16 Point Agreement that led to the creation of the state of Nagaland, leaving out the interests of the Nagas in other areas. History is a living testimony when much bloodshed was introduced by 16 Point Agreement.
Refusing to learn any lesson from the Naga history of “deceit and flattery” as manipulated by the Indian intelligence agency, these W/NNPGs are in collision course with the historical and political rights of the Nagas and openly raising their voice in defense of the 16 Point Agreement that history has condemned and rejected years ago.
These same people/groups were nowhere seen as bona fide Naga freedom fighters before the ceasefire was signed in 1997. The truth is that more often than not they were found taking shelter in Assam Rifles camp.
The memory is fresh how SCJamir and Kitovi took 100 AKs from the government of India to finish off the NSCN and served quit notice to a particular tribe and murdered 35 innocent lives that includes women, children, students, pastors, teachers, farmers and even chemist scientist. Their professed role as Naga freedom fighters is therefore, smeared with the blood of innocent Nagas.
Do these groups have anything to share that they are for the Nagas and not as stooges or cohorts controlled by GoI agents. “May God forbid repeat of history”.