In love with Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor says even water tastes like sherbet to him

Ranbir Kapoor says he feels falling in love if the best feeling ever, so much that everything feels a hundred times better. The actor, who is in a relationship with Alia Bhatt, recently revealed what it feels like to be in love with her.
Ranbir gave an interview to Film Companion’s Anupama Chopra where she asked him about his acting process, choosing the right films and about falling in love once again. “You seem to fall in love a lot. Does it complicate the craft ever?,” she asked him as the audience laughed at her question.
Ranbir, however, said that it only adds to his craft. “Falling in love is the greatest thing in the world. When you fall in love, everything is great. Water tastes like sherbet and you seem like you are Uma Thurman. You feel great. Who doesn’t wanna be in love?,” he said.
He said falling in love changes him as a human being and that acting is only his profession and if he feels good about himself, he does better at his job.
Ranbir confessed that he is dating his Brahmastra co-star in a recent interview to GQ magazine. “It’s really new right now, and I don’t want to over speak. It needs time to breathe and it needs space. As an actor, as a person, Alia is – what’s the right word? – flowing right now. When I see her work, when I see her act, even in life, what she gives is something that I’m aspiring to for myself. It’s new for us, so let it cook a bit.”
“It always comes with a lot of excitement. It’s a new person, it comes with new beats. Old tricks become new tricks again – you know, being charming and romantic, all of that. I think I’m more balanced today. I value relationships more. I can appreciate hurt and what it does to a person much more than I could a couple years back,” he had said.