Friday, September 24, 2021
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In grim pandemic, Cupid’s yearly visit sprinkles love and smile


DIMAPUR, FEBRUARY 13: Ahead of Valentine’s Day, the streets of Dimapur were buzzing with a different beat on Saturday, wearing a distinct red look and theme.

Shops were filled with roses and gifts ready to make people feel special during this grim pandemic. It takes little to no effort to make someone’s Valentine’s Day special and the shops in Dimapur were going all out.
The streets were filled with both young and old, with roses and gifts in their hands. On asking some customers what Valentine’s Day means to them, a female customer replied, “Valentine’s Day is not only for lovers, but it is a special day for everyone to express their love and appreciation towards people they love and care for.”
Another one said that it is a special day to express their love to their partners.
While the streets and shops were filled with red roses, heart-shaped cookies and chocolates, red balloons, and all kinds of gifts, the Rengma Baptist Church Sovima (RBCS) also put up a stall to sell items for charity.
The person in charge said that it was their first time organizing such an event for charity, and said that the sale was better than they had expected.
Shop owners and street vendors, who were in the business of selling roses and gifts on the occasion of Valentine’s Day for almost 8 years, said that the shops get busier in the evening, and they eventually sell all the products that they had bought in.
It was also an occasion for some people to take the opportunity through their business ventures and come up with creative ideas to celebrate the true essence of Valentine’s Day, which is love with their families, partners and friends.
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