In a record, Assembly proceeding ends at 9:30 pm

In a record, Assembly proceeding ends at 9:30 pm

Dimapur, March 26: In what could be a record for the State of Nagaland, the last day of the first session of the 13th Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA) continued till 9:30 pm, some 12 hours after the days proceeding began at 9:30 am.
The sittings of NLA has been in news for all the wrong reasons in the last tenure, with the assembly, among others, recording a sitting of some 15 minutes, prompting the general populace to question the sincerity of the elected members to the plight facing the people who elected them.
In the wake of public outcry over the “shameful” 15-minutes assembly session, the NLA as well as the Government’s had haughtily blamed absence of any opposition for the short sitting of the assembly session.
The new PDA dispensation in the State, aided with a strong opposition NPF, has perhaps changed the “joke” that the State assembly had became over the last few tenures, and hopefully it is the beginning of the change that the NDPP had promised during its campaign period. (Page News Service)