Saturday, June 15, 2024

Imran Khan unveils 10-point roadmap to revive cash-strapped Pakistan

unveils 10-point roadmap
Ex-Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan

Lahore, March 26: Pakistan’s ousted prime minister Imran Khan held a massive rally here on Sunday and presented his party’s 10-point roadmap for the cash-strapped country’s economic recovery, including sops for the diaspora.
Addressing the public rally at Minar-i-Pakistan in the early hours of Sunday, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman challenged the country’s ruling party to put forward a plan to rescue Pakistan from the many crises it finds itself mired in.
“I challenge that the incumbent rulers don’t have the ability or the intention [to save the country],” he said.
Khan, 70, said he would happily step aside if the establishment tells him they have a plan.
“I know what the programme is…there is no programme,” he was quoted as saying by the Dawn newspaper.
Announcing the 10-point programme, Khan said that overseas Pakistanis will be motivated to invest in Pakistan to attract foreign direct investments to avoid going to the IMF again and again.
“We will facilitate all those who would export and bring dollars into the country,” he added.
Pakistan, which is in dire need of funds as it battles a wrenching economic crisis, has received economic assistance from the IMF in the past. The country is in discussions with global lender to resume its loan programme.
Khan asserted that the country needs to take difficult decisions to improve its tax collections and exports. (PTI)