Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Imran Khan calls PPP chairman Bilawal ‘Miss’

ISLAMABAD, April 25: Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan on Wednesday fervently criticised opposition Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and called him ‘Sahiba’ (Miss) in a public gathering in South Waziristan district, formerly a tribal region which was merged into the northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province last year.
Khan addressing Bilawal as ‘Sahiba’ came a day after the PM was slammed by opposition leaders over his slip of tongue at an event in Tehran, saying that Japan shared a border with Germany. Khan made this goof-up during his recent two-day official visit to Iran.
“The more trade you have with each other, your ties automatically become stronger… Germany and Japan killed millions of their civilians until after the Second World War when they both decided to have joint industries in their border regions,” Khan had said.
Mocking Khan over his Japan-Germany comment, Bilawal had tweeted: “Our Prime Minister thinks that Germany & Japan share a border. How embarrassing, this is what happens when you @UniofOxford let people in just because they can play cricket.”
Khan, however, responded to Bilawal in a region where calling ‘Sahib’ (Mr) as Sahiba is a serious matter aimed at denting someone’s pride, ego and honour.
“I didn’t take authority on a chit just like Bilawal Sahiba. My aim is to defeat corrupt people and give progress to the country.
In the name of saving democracy, all corrupt people have united but the nation should be rest assured I will fight them alone,” Khan told a gathering of conservative tribal people.
In response to Khan, Bilawal tweeted, “What was that about small men in big offices? #PMSelect.”
Some time back, Khan had made this remark in an obvious reference to Indian PM Narendra Modi. (TNN)