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‘Impeachment’ row hits NSCN (Khango)

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, JANUARY 5: Fractures appeared within one more Naga political group on Thursday as swift developments led to the Khango-led NSCN group’s Council of Kilonsers, Tatars and Army Officers ~ among others ~ resolving to impeach their President if he fails to nullify an impeachment order issued to Isak Sumi, the group’s Ato Kilonser.
During an emergency meeting of the Council, which also included Secretariat staff and ‘party functionaries’, the group’s President Khango Konyak was accused of issued the impeachment order to Isak Sumi “without observing the constitutional norms, without the approval and recommendation of the Council of Kilonsers or the Tatar Hoho, and without acquiring two-third majority of the party workers”.
According to the Council, Khango issued the impeachment order on January 4 “at the behest of few rogue elements”.
“The house therefore condemn the unconstitutional and high-handed act of the President, thus resolve to declare the order null and void immediately. In the event of the failure on the part of the honourable President to nullify the impeachment order, the house unanimously resolve to impeach the President with immediate effect.
“The house also condemns unequivocally, the coup led by Col. Phuyeka and the life attempt made on the Ato Kilonser, illegal seizure of weapons deployed on Ato Kilonser’s security guards and forceful occupation of CFSB office and arrest of its office guards and weapons. The House is eagerly waiting for his Excellency the President (of) NSCN/GPRN to acknowledge the resolution passed by the house on 5th January 2023”, it stated.
The Council “reaffirmed” its support to the leadership of Isak Sumi as well as its support of the NNPGs and their pursuit for early honourable solution.
“We appeal to the NNPGs, the GOI and the peace loving Naga people to intervene and rescue and preserve the ongoing peace process from the evil plot of the saboteurs and anti-peace elements. We also make this earnest appeal to the MHA, GOI and the Chairman (of) CFSB to restore the sanctity of the CFSB office and the release of the weapons and the cadres being illegally held in the custody of the rogue elements”, it stated.
On January 4, Khango had issued the impeachment order to Isak Sumi “as he was found guilty of grabbing absolute control of powers and functions without the concern (sic) of collective leadership, non-distribution of powers and functions, nepotism and exposing self-style one-man government policy”.
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WC NNPGs seek CFMG’s intervention

DIMAPUR, JANUARY 5: The Working Committee of Naga National Political Groups (WC, NNPGs) has requested the Chairman of Ceasefire Monitoring Group (CFMG) to intervene within 36 hours and retrieve arms and documents stored inside the Ceasefire Supervisory Board (CFSB) office, which it alleged is now being occupied by a “few irresponsible elements within the (Khango-Isak) group”.
“Should your good office find it difficult to act, the WC, NNPGs would do all in its means and use WC joint force to clear the occupation of the CF office”, stated a letter written by N Kitovi Zhimomi, the Convener of WC, NNPGs.
It stated that the “few irresponsible elements” have arrested and inflicted physical injuries upon WC, Co-Convener Isak Sumi (later released him later after intervention of GBs and civil societies), and “continue to occupy CF office illegally along with arms and ammunition of the organisation”.
“Isak Sumi is one of the Co-Conveners actively participating in the Indo-Naga talks and it is duty-bound for WC, NNPGs to evict the unruly elements, peacefully or forcefully, and retrieve all arms and documents in possession of the saboteurs.
“I am to inform you that these elements are planning to escape Dimapur with arms and join the Yang Aung group of NSCN in Myanmar. Kindly ensure that all periphery of the office be cordoned off to prevent escape of these elements with arms. There are also seven/eight of Co-Convener Isak’s men held inside under duress. I would appreciate it if they are promptly released”, the letter read.
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