Friday, January 22, 2021
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Imnatiba makes surprise visit at NFVPP, finds illegal construction

illegal constrution 1

Dimapur, June 21: Advisor, Industries & Commerce, Labour and Skill and Entrepreneurship Department, Imnatiba today made a surprise visit at Nagaland Fruit & Vegetable Processing Plant (NFVPP), accompanied by Commissioner & Secretary, Industry & Commerce, Director and other officers of the Department, council members of Viola Colony to verify rumours of encroachment on departmental land.
On inspection, it was found that there has been some unauthorized construction.
According to a press release, the land in question has been leased to a private concern, for industrial development, but any additional construction has to be done with the permission of the department.
The Department, thus notified that all the present construction, at the entrance of the plot and at the rear of the plot should be stopped immediately and that the Department would take necessary action in this regard.
The Department of Industries & Commerce clarified that it has no intention of selling the land to any party. (Page News Service)