Thursday, September 23, 2021

Immoral politics

The question of relationship between morality and politics has been debated from the age of Plato. The ancient Greek philosopher did not take long to be disillusioned and disgusted with politics centuries ago. Machiavelli passed the judgment that politics needs men who know nothing of morality. Kautilya said that morality and politics are different spheres, having no relation or affinity with each other. Some other thinkers and philosophers believe that politics is the game of cheats and it is a luxury and comfort for politicians at the cost of the interests of the masses. In fact, in politics morality and truth is miles away and cannot be friends but exceptions are there. We scarcely come across a truthful politician. Generally hypocrisy, doublespeak and deceit are the ingredients that make a politician. In our state, we have also seen politicians and political parties changing their ideologies and stances frequently to gain benefits for themselves and for their parties. This fact and hard reality had surfaced again and again when political party in the state had joined hands with party that they had been describing as the most communal minded party or the most corrupt before, during and after elections. In fact most parties talks in ambiguous language to mislead the people here. This is not the only glaring example of unethical politics here, there are many more which show that our politicians change their convictions and alliances in a surprising manner. It is clear that the tall claims are just to woo voters and achieve for themselves power and position to enjoy and get immersed in luxuries. Our people are unfortunate to have politicians who live for themselves and who separate principles and morality from politics. It is sure that as long as political leaders do not work on moral lines here, there can be no genuine social, economical and moral progress. Politicians here have a big role in bringing excellence for this land because they are fortunate to enjoy popularity among the public and public is sure to obey them. But it is deplorable that politicians and leaders here think that they are elected by the people to rule them and fail to remember that they, as people’s representatives, have moral responsibilities also and have duty to guide people in the right direction and lead them towards prosperity and goodness. Material advancements should not be the only concern of politicians but their duty is also to set the system of politics right and base the system on truthfulness and principles. It is sad that our politicians sacrifice their principles and change their policies with the change of the wind. We should not think that it is only the duty of religious organizations and preachers to bring changes and speak about ethical values in the society. We cannot expect a religious scholar to change all conditions until everybody, including the politicians, is ready to work for the change for a better system. It is unfortunate that politicians of today take refuge in the so called democracy and under its garb legitimize their misdeeds. Any democracy today merely reiterates the story of a struggle for power, for perpetuating the safe hide and to keep any kind of opposition away. And political parties in our state symbolize nothing more than a bitter rivalry and greed for power by ousting all other rivals. Rules, regulations and principles are thrown to the winds and selfish aims and motives are achieved. In fact politicians here try to keep morality and politics separate because they know that morality does not allow the adoption of short term aims but prefers values so that a better moral order and social system is established and magnified. In today’s political order values are least bothered and the symbols of goodness and righteousness have undergone a radical change and it is witnessed that values and principles are being sacrificed for the sake of expediency. And it is apparent that the current political atmosphere and scene in our state is full of dubiousness and opportunism. Unless we clean politics of immorality, we can’t expect a better change.