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Imminent crisis in NSCN (IM)?

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KOHIMA, APRIL 2: Crisis in the NSCN (IM) seems imminent, as the foreign-based National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN-IM) has severed ties with its Commander-in-Chief citing the precarious situation that is placing the Naga political movement in a “very dangerous and uncertain position”.
In an open letter to the President (Yaruiwo) of the Government of the People’s Republic of Nagalim (GPRN) the Eastern Flank, Naga Army said they will no longer subject to the command of the Longvibu of Naga Army, citing reasons that the C-in-C upon his release from the prison in 2016 (Anthony Ningkhan), has publicly proclaimed that he had been conditionally released to bring the other armed groups of the Northeast India onboard the “mainstream”, adding that it reflects the interest of India and not that of the Naga cause. Further in the year 2018, Lt. Gen. H S Ramson was being sent on a goodwill mission, the current Longvibu sent two persons to convey invitation personally to him that he had communicated to RN Ravi (former Interlocutor) for his return and the Eastern Flank, Naga Army, and that necessary security arrangements would be made for him to be picked up from the border with security escorts. Further he was also offered the post of Keya Kilonser (Defense) and an invitation to participate in the peace talk.
“Such an invitation by the Longvibu to Lt. Gen. H. Ramson VC is plainly a plot by our adversary which is diligently dispensed by the Longvibu. Is not the Longvibu of Naga Army an agent of the GoI?” they questioned.
They also alleged that in 2018 after becoming the C-in-C, he withdrew the Alee Command from Bangladesh adding that the Alee Command’s presence in Bangladesh was important be it foreign mission or for procurement of arms. The dissidents said it was for the Alee Command in Bangladesh that led to the arrest of the current C-in-C by the NIA. They said withdrawal of cadres from Bangladesh was in the interest of Government of India.
“That the GoI served a three month ultimatum in 2019 (August to October) that the peace talks would proceed if we agree to settle the Indo-Naga political issue without flag and constitution. Under such circumstances the Yaruiwo in view of the national necessity ordered the creation of Standard of Operation (SoP) on the 3rd of September 2019 empowering the Deputy Longvibu to strengthen the Eastern Flank under his command. However on the 3rd of October 2019, exactly after one month of issuing the SoP, the Yaruiwo issued an order that superseded the SoP of 3rd of September under the influence and opposition of Longvibu. Thus having stopped the strengthening of the Naga Army in the Eastern Flank through this, has the ultimatum by the GoI not been successful as the then Interlocutor RN Ravi have been repeatedly declaring in public that the Indo-Naga political talks have been concluded on the 31st of October 2019” the letter stated. They asked the steps taken by the C-in-C to counter the ultimatum.
They alleged that the Longvibu has adversely weakened the Naga Army by opposing to strengthen the Eastern Flank.
“That as he so professed before the world about bringing Northeast revolutionary groups on board to the mainstream, and having worked so far for it, is it not so that the armed groups of Dimasa, Karbi and Hmar People’s Convention have surrendered to the GoI?” the letter questioned.
The letter further stated that the Longvibu questionably assigned Indo-Naga peace talk coordinator has been actively involved not just in peace talks but also being actively going for political campaigns with false narrative that Pan-Naga Hoho is the manifestation of Naga sovereignty, which they said contradict the role to his position has C-in-C. “In the light of the above circumstances and as an individual who is being released on bail by the NIA yet being conferred the position of Longvibu, and having considered his actions, we are certain that he is working diligently for the selfish interest of the GoI” the letter alleged adding that the current C-in-C has been a roadblock with an intention to destroy Naga movement. They dissidents urged the President to rectify the mistake.
“We appeal to all the national workers and the Nagas as a whole to rise up against such betrayal without any reservation to salvage the nation. As a revolutionary patriot with untold commitment to the true cause of our nation, we refuse to accept such betrayal” the letter added.
The letter was signed by 14 senior military commander led by Deputy C-in-C Lt. Gen. A Raman, Brig. Y Raleng, Northern Command, Commander and Brig. T Vongdochu.
According to sources, currently over 700 NSCN cadres are based in northern Myanmar, near the China border. Lately there have been hiccups between the home front and a section of NSCN who are abroad.
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