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Immediately release all pending salaries: ANSTA to Govt.

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, MAY 11: The All Nagaland School Teachers’ Association (ANSTA) has urged Nagaland Government to immediately release all pending salaries.
In a letter to the Chief Secretary, the Association stated that teachers, whose livelihood depends on their salary, have been denied of their wages for over two months and were enduring untold hardship.
“Prior to the ordeal of having to endure difficulties caused by non-payment of salary for two consecutive months, the teachers had been patiently and silently bearing the brunt of deferred payment of salary for several months too. Mention may be made here that the salary, of late, has been made no earlier than the 10th of every following month despite the Government’s standing order which directs the payment of employees’ wages before the end of every month or on the 1st day of the following month.
“The Government must understand that the financial difficulty faced by the teachers on account of non-payment of salaries for over two months is an absolute infringement upon the employees’ fundamental rights guaranteed in the Constitution of India”, read the letter.
Due to these circumstances, the Association stated in the letter, it was writing the letter to the Chief Secretary urging the State Government to immediately release the pending salaries.
“We believe that the Government will take prompt action, failing which may compel the Association to resort to democratic means of attaining justice”, it warned.
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