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Imkong L Imchen analyzes Ravi’s body language; verdict is ‘not good’

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KOHIMA, FEBRUARY 15: Day 2 of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly session on Monday witnessed mixed reactions from the Treasury and the Opposition as it progressed into the motion of thanks to the Governor’s address delivered on February 12.

MLA Imkong L Imchen in his remarks on the Governor’s address observed that Nagaland Governor and Interlocutor RN Ravi’s body language on the first day of the session was not that good. He had a tough time reading out his speech, he claimed.
Leader of opposition, TR Zeliang claimed the speech of the Governor was prepared by the State Cabinet. And as the saying “Well said is always easier than done,” the address of the Governor can be termed as well said but not well done, Zeliang said.
Admitting that he was not present on that day, Zeliang expressed confidence in Imkong L Imchen’s observation that the body language of the Governor “was not in a good mood”.
“When we go through the address of the governor, it is almost dominated by COVID-19 pandemic. The fight against the pandemic was a common fight, regardless of religion, party and tribe and community. Therefore, I express my congratulations to the front-liners in the fight against the pandemic,” he added.
Zeliang also pointed out that the Governor’s speech was basically a subject only touching on the pandemic. He said, “It is important that the pandemic should take precedence. However, the so-called achievement of the Government in handling the pandemic is exaggerated and despite the assurances given in this August House that the state was fully prepared, it was found that it was not,” remarked the Leader of Opposition.
MLA Yitachu also said that there is nothing in the Governor’s speech that addressed the real issue. He said the Government is trying to hide behind Covid-19. “It was not just the elected members but the entire citizens of Nagaland were looking for what address the Governor gave and it was very disappointing as it lacked the enthusiasm it should have in this August house,” he added.
Yitachu also questioned the effectiveness of the certain changes being made in the health care delivery system in the State. He said, “Whatever was said by the Minister of Health & Family Welfare, Pangyu Phom in his motion of thanks to the Governor’s address has been said in the past.” Nothing has been suggested that would alleviate the plight of the people, he added.

While appreciating the many posts which have been created in the medical department, Yitachu also pointed out that it has not improved the healthcare system in the state. The main reason is because doctors and medical staff are not posted at the desired places and all those people who are from rural areas have to spend so much money in order to reach a hospital, he said.
Taking care of the posting at the designated places in rural areas will surely help boost the healthcare delivery system in the state, MLA Yitachu suggested.
Others Opposition MLAs Amenba Yaden, Y M Yollow and K Khalo also participated against the motion. (Page News Service)