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Imkong Imchen rubbishes speculations

Imkong L Imchen
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DIMAPUR, JUNE 14: MLA Imkong L Imchen, who along with 20 NPF MLAs, recently merged with the ruling NDPP today rubbished speculations carried in a section of local media that some NPF MLAs that recently merged with NDPP are planning to reverse their decision and go back to the NPF.
“The chapter of merger in Nagaland is closed when 21 NPF MLAs merged into NDPP”, said Imkong L Imchen in a rejoinder.
“There is a wild and outlandish narrative that has been placed before the public to confuse and plant seeds of mistrust amongst the elected members. The bizarre speculation that there are some NPF MLAs, who very recently merged into NDPP, is planning to reverse their decision and go back to NPF. This rumour cannot be any further away from the truth and facts”, he said.
Expressing suspicion that “this concocted tale” could be the handiwork of some individuals, Imkong L Imchen said, “As was mentioned time and again, it was either merging NDPP into NPF or NPF to NDPP and as fate would have it, the latter took place and that was the day the chapter of merger closed. So to even speculate and dream about some of the MLAs from the NDPP camp to merge into NPF again at this point of time is nothing more than a wild goose chase”.
According to the rejoinder, there was never a whisper, much less a discussion of NDPP MLAs, now which stands at 42, to explore options to merge into NPF or any other political party. “Some vested interest individuals is at play to bring about discord and confusion in the midst of the 42 strong NDPP MLAs but it will not yield to their desired objective as the question of merging with erstwhile NPF does not arise”, it stated.
Imkong claimed that as people’s elected representatives in the principle of Naga regionalism the erstwhile NPF legislature were seriously pondering as to how regional forces of the State should be brought together so as to make a stronger facilitation to the ongoing Naga political issue since 2020.
“Knowing fully-well of its legal and political implications and consequences therein, the merger of 21 NPF MLAs with the NDPP was taken into effect on 29/04/2022. Consequent upon which the strength of the NDPP in the house of 60 stands at 42 strong besides Independent and BJP and also the NPF 4 MLAs who are part of the UDA Opposition-less Government. We have taken such decisions after giving serious thoughts and full application of mind. We know what we were doing and what we are going to do. The political navigation we are distinctly clear”, he added.
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