ILP: JCPI reiterates 1-cutoff year

ILP: JCPI reiterates 1-cutoff year

Dimapur, February 12: The JCPI has reiterated its stand that there cannot separate cutoff year for ILP enforcement in the state of Nagaland including Dimapur and that there should be only one cutoff year to determine the indigenous inhabitants of the State – 1st December,1963.
This is non-negotiable, it stated.
In a meeting held Wednesday, the JCPI demanded that the State Government should immediately implement the new ILP guidelines in total and build necessary infrastructure to put ILP mechanism in place for effective enforcement with proper standard operating procedures as per the notification.
The JCPI also observed with all seriousness that its deadline of 31st January, 2020 given for submission of Banuo’s Commission report on RIIN has been ignored. It, therefore, informed that an important meeting of all tribal apex bodies along with all leading mass based CSOs working along with JCPI will be held at 11 am, at Saramati Hotel on February 18 to discuss the next plan of action. (Page News Service)