Illegal taxation hampering construction works: Foothill unit-DALT

Illegal taxation hampering  construction works: Foothill unit-DALT

Dimapur, March 21: The Foothill Unit-Dimapur Ao Lanur Telongjem (Dimapur Ao Youth Organization) has expressed concerns over rampant practice of threat and extortion/illegal taxation/random collection of money by miscreants from the public who are undertaking construction works in Aoyim village and Naga United Village area while taking the names of Naga Political Groups.
The Foothill Unit-DALT said several miscreants are on the prowl, targeting landowners and construction workers by way of extorting money as ‘tax’ for the Naga Political Groups.
In a press release issued by Foothill Unit-DALT President, Tuden Jamir and General Secretary, Monglie Aier, it said the principal modus operandi of these miscreants is to target construction workers who are residing in the area of construction and demand money from them as ‘tax.’
There have been a number of instances when these miscreants have snatched away mobile phones/belongings of the construction workers, it added.
It said such threat of extortion has become very serious and endemic that there have been numerous instances where construction works had to be brought to an abrupt halt as the construction workers, mostly non locals have quit working and left the area out of fear.
“These miscreants have even gone to the extent of demanding money directly from individual/ landowners. There have been cases when the same miscreant(s) have demanded money/extortion while taking the name of multiple Naga Political Groups,” the DALT said, adding this has resulted in many landowners abandoning work due to inability to pay the extortion demand while in some cases due to the prevailing fear psychosis.
While vowing to fight such menace with every resource available, the Foothill Unit-DALT have urged every right thinking individual, organizations to condemn such acts and join hands to get rid of such threat to our society.
The Foothill Unit-DALT also asserted ‘One Government One Tax’ slogan of ACAUT Nagaland which was reiterated by PAC-Naga Council during the public rally on 31st October, 2018. (Page News Service)