Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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Illegal collection biggest threat to existence of Naga society: ACAUT


Dimapur, September 14: ACAUT Nagaland today said that the biggest threat to the very existence of Naga society and added that it is an infliction of own making, unabated, multiple and illegal taxations.
“This has to stop,” the ACAUT reiterated.
The organization said if the state Government is incapable of defending its citizens, it should issue Arms Licenses to citizens to protect themselves from petty criminals and gangs misusing the name of national movement to pursue their vested interests.
The ACAUT also reiterated the 31st October 2013 Public Rally Resolution of “one government, one tax”, which was also reiterated by the Public Action Committee (PAC) of Naga Council Dimapur on 31st October 2018.
It called upon the people of the state to rise to the occasion when the clarion call is given at the right time.
The ACAUT stated that shopping malls in Dimapur, not only gives an enthralling shopping experience with competitive pricing like any other city in India, it also provides employment to more than 600 Naga youths mostly from Dimapur. It also added that the state Government also earns its revenue through the introduction of GST as a consumerist stated.
It stated that with a Pan India tax system in place, the persisting issue of illegal and unabated taxations is the main affliction that affects the profitability and management of running such enterprises in Nagaland.
The goods laden carriers and trucks have to shell out nothing less than Rs. 15,000 depending on the products and number of the wheels, it added.
For the shopping malls in Dimapur, every week 13 to 15 trucks enter through the gates paying such multiple “extra” taxes. Some of these enterprises are hardly able to cover up their incurring expenses and hardly break-even on their yearly audits, the ACAUT said adding these unabated taxes by parallel governments and unregulated taxes by the state government is a deterrent to entrepreneurs as well to any prospective investors in our state.
It further said since government jobs are saturated, the only employment opportunities for the thousands of youths that enters the job market every year is in the private sector. However, uncurbed rampant taxation is the main impediment for opening enterprises and avenues in the state of Nagaland thereby depriving youths thousands of jobs at home and instead are compelled to seek job opportunities in other cities.
It pointed out that on any given day, especially at the New Field check gate, trucks are targeted for collection by the various Naga political groups as their right to tax.
“With issues being raised by various CSOs, there has been periodic raids by the police but has not rooted out this unabated taxation menace. Unlike previous issuing of tax slips and summon to various undisclosed locations the modus operandi for these tax mongers have been upgraded through intimations and notices by mobile phones. This never ending vicious cycle of taxation is now eating into the very vital essence of entrepreneurship,” a press release issued by ACAUT stated. (Page News Service)