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IHRC Nagaland State Board condemns Ganesh Nagar QC incident

The International Human Rights Council- Nagaland State Board (IHRC) strongly condemns the brutal treatment committed by the Police personnels against the returnees at Ganeshnagar QC, Dimapur on the night of 22nd of June 2020. The matter came to light after action was taken upon the Bangalore returnees for having complained over serving of stale food items that was served at evening dinner on 22nd of June 2020
The facts of the problem, that aroused are as follows ;-
i) A stale chicken curry was served during the evening dinner of 22 June 2020 at around 6 pm to the 59 inmates of B -2 Building at Quarantine Centre – Ganeshnagar, Dimapur.
ii) The inmates of the QC of B-2 accordingly reported the matter to the Police personnel’s who were manning the B-2 building of the QC , however the police personnel’s who was on duty accosted the inmates .After some time another two police personnels came and joined the police who was manning the entrance of the B-2 building.
iii) On arrival of other two police personnels,the inmates of B-2 building were called out from the building and they were asked who had taken food and who had not taken food.
iv) While doing so another Police personnel came from no where with Teaser Gun (stun gun) and started aiming at 3 inmates of B – 2 building.
v) Seeing these the inmates of B-2 building started rushing to their building.Unfortunately one of the inmates of B-2 building namely Mr Tiakumzuk was hit by the Teaser Gun, who was a returnee from Bangalore that reached Dimapur on 05 June 2020.The impact of the shock made Mr Tiakumzuk fall on the ground.
vi) After about 5 minutes some higher ranking officer’s accompanied by around 40-50 jawans holding sticks reached the spot and the inmates were called out once again.
vii) Seeing the commotion taking place between the inmates and the police personnels at B – 2 building, the inmates of the adjacent building of B -1 building who were numbering around 60 inmates started shouting.
viii) Accordingly the Police personnel’s who were holding sticks rushed to the B-1 building and on entering the room where the inmates were staying started randomly beating the inmates without any provocations.The pictures of assaulted inmates has been already circulated in various social media’s platforms by the inmates of the QC.
ix) It has been exposed by many Quarantine Centre’s about the poor quality and half cooked food which is supplied to the inmates of the QC and yet it is not heard from the Govt about taking any steps to address the issue of the inmates .The Public therefore would like to know as to why this problem is allowed to continue.
x) It was this same issue of supplying of stale meat and curry which led to unprovoked use of arbitrary merciless beating on the innocent inmates ( Bangalore returnees) of QC at Ganeshnagar for raising issue for supplying of stale food,which is uncalled for.
xi) In this regard the Public wants to know as to whether the Govt of Nagaland is checking the poor performance of the Caterers or purposely trying to harass the returnees who are in different QC for exposing the Govt mismanagements of the Quarantine Centres.
xii) The Public in general is aghast to come across various informations from social medias that the inmates of many Quarantine Centre are not managed as per the Govt laid down SOP. The Public has also seen the repeated lapses and negligence of the Govt of Nagaland whereby one of the Govt Spokespersons of the Covid-19 management Shri Neiba Kronu ( Minister for Planning and Coordination) had officially asked for forgiveness for the Negligence which was reported in the Media.In this regard whether the Govt is taking any curative steps to redress the shortcomings.
xiii) The Public in general are not against the Govt of Nagaland since the present Pandemic is not faced by Nagaland People alone but it is faced by all over the World.In this regard the Public desires that an appropriate and befitting approach should be taken by the Govt so that no chaotic environment is created making innocent people suffer. The inmates of the QC does not demand any high standard treatment while in Quarantine Centre. Their only need is to get descent treatment given when they are in Quarantine Centre as they have come all the way from mainland to get secured of their life from the present Pandemic.
The IHRC – Nagaland State Board would like to convey to the Govt of Nagaland as well as the Public that we stand for Human Rights Protection and will therefore raise the issue whenever there is a violation of Human Rights against any class of people. In this regard the IHRC- Nagaland State Board strongly condemns the use of unnecessary brutal force on the innocent inmates of QC which is managed by Nagaland Police at Ganeshnagar,Dimapur. In view of which the IHRC – Nagaland State Board demands from the Government to immediately set up SIT and punished the culprits who has resorted to use of barbaric force on the innocent armless inmates of Quarantine Centre at Ganeshnagar.
The Nagaland Police stationed at Ganeshnagar at that pertinent time and period cannot make themselves absolve of their illegal brutal act that they have done . In order to avoid reaction, the same police personnel’s have threaten the inmates verbally not to expose the incident which had taken place on that fateful night.
The Constitution of India Article 19 (1) (a) gives the citizens – Freedom of Speech and Expression. The Freedom of Speech includes expressing of one’s Right and Equality when the Citizen’s Rights are being deprived. Agitating of one’s own basic rights doesn’t warrant the Law Enforcing Agency to shut the mouth of the Citizen’s with brutality and use of Force. And as such action should be taken against the Police personnel’s on duty those posted at Ganeshnagar during the period of incident for their highhandedness.
Every citizen of the country whether clad in khaki uniform or in civil dress are equal before law. And as such the guilty has to be punished,whenever any illegal action is done by any citizen.
The UNO – United Nations Organizations – Human Rights Organizations declares that all Human Beings be treated in Humanitarian approach, besides providing basic needs during the time of crisis. The Criminal act of brutality demonstrated by the police personnel’s upon the innocent inmates of QC ‘s of B- 1 and B – 2 Building at Ganeshnagar is therefore strongly condemned by one and all.
It is further more highlighted that, as per the SOP issued for the returnees to Nagaland from outside State’s they have to be in QC ‘s for 14 days or may be more if necessary during which any test if required has to be done and the necessary test on being completed, the reports should be given to the individuals. However, in the case of Nagaland the test reports are given in bulk paper sheet where several names are listed. This is against protection of privacy which will have stigmatization of those who are victims of corona. Therefore, in order to secure privacy of the victims, the International Human Rights Council – Nagaland State Board would like to apprise the State Government of Nagaland to maintain discreetness in giving individual finding reports.
The International Human Rights Council – Nagaland State Board appeals to the Government of Nagaland to solicit the constructive appraisal given for Public interest.
Akavi N Zhimomi                                                             I . Chubtangit Jamir
President                                                                              Working President
International Human Rights Council                      International Human Rights Council
Nagaland State Board                                                   Nagaland State Board

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